150 Tons of Aid Packages Delivered to Gazans in a Week

Using several trucks, around 150 tons of food packages have been distributed in the past week to various points in Gaza. This is an attempt to support the Palestinians after the Israeli attacks.

Aid packages
Families in Gaza receive food packages. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Several trucks carrying aid packages drove through the streets of Gaza City. Around 150 tons of aid packages were transported by the trucks bearing the flags of Indonesia, Palestine, and Aksi Cepat Tanggap. It symbolizes the brotherhood of these two nations bridged by Aksi Cepat Tanggap.

Before being distributed, these aid packages were packed in the Indonesia Humanitarian Center of Gaza by ACT volunteers. The distribution began on Tuesday (6/1/2021) with 800 staple food packages delivered to families in Beit Lahia. On the next day, families in Khan Younis received 1,100 packages of staple foods.

"In the following days, from June 3 to 8, the distribution was carried out in Rafah with 900 Packages, Almoghraqa with 860 Packages, Dair Al Balah with 820 Packages, Gaza City with 1,450 Packages, Jabalia with 1,100 Packages, and Beit Hanoun with 470 Packages," said Said Mukaffiy from the Global Humanity Response-ACT team, Monday (7/6/2021).

Said explained that this assistance is an implementation of the generosity of the Indonesian people as an effort to help the recovery in Palestine following the recent attacks that took place at the end of Ramadan. With many public facilities destroyed, the humanitarian crisis in Palestine has been severely exacerbated.

"The majority of Gazans still rely on assistance to simply eat. After many of their belongings were lost to the Israeli attacks, buying food has been quite difficult for the Palestinians, especially because most Palestinian families usually have many children. Hence, food has become an emergency need for them,” explained Said.

Said invited the Indonesian people to continue to provide support so that Palestinians can continue to live decent lives. "With the best support from the Indonesian people to the brothers and sisters in Palestine, their recovery process will be faster," he added.

In addition to food packages, ACT has also launched several other aid programs for Palestine including medical assistance and ambulance procurement, clean water distribution, direct cash assistance, housing, and capital for Gaza farmers.[]