17 Years of ACT, Thousands of Global Humanitarian Actions Reach 47 Countries

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has been a global humanitarian organization for 17 years. Generous Friends has helped over 65 million individuals globally deal with diverse humanitarian issues since it began its operation. This figure is based on 377,181 humanitarian actions that have taken place.

ACT's global humanitarian work
ACT's global humanitarian work benefits over 65 million individuals around the world. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The action of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) in disaster relief, humanitarian emergencies, and community development is now in its 17th year. ACT is not limited to Indonesia, although the fact that it was founded there. ACT has helped several global events and humanitarian disasters.

Generous Friends has helped over 65 million individuals globally deal with many humanitarian issues since it began its global operation in 2011. This figure was derived from ACT's 377,181 humanitarian actions.

In the distribution of aid, countries with the worst humanitarian difficulties become targets. Between 2011 and 2022, ACT distributed assistance to 47 countries and 460 cities.

"In 2011, we only managed to reach four countries. Every year, the number of these countries increases, now totaling 47. Insha Allah, by 2022, we want to have reached more people in more nations. This effort will undoubtedly require a lot of help from all of the Generous Friends," Andi Noor Faradiba, Director of the Global Humanity Network-ACT, remarked on Thursday (4/21/2022).

Many Muslims in Asia and the Middle East, where many Muslims suffer due to violence, benefit from this help.

"Palestine, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen are only a few examples. We also assist the Rohingya Muslims who have migrated to Bangladesh and India in Southeast Asia. Then there's the matter of neighboring nations like Malaysia and the Philippines, which have been devastated by natural calamities," Faradiba stated.

Palestine is the country with the greatest number of humanitarian actions. The peak occurred in May of last year, when Israel launched a devastating attack on Gaza, killing 257 Gazans, including 65 children and 39 women.

ACT was actively giving aid to Gaza. Various actions have been taken, including support in medical assistance, food, safe drinking water, housing support, and business capital to help people start new lives. ACT Palestine team carried out the actions almost every day after the strike to assist hundreds of thousands of Gazans.

ACT build Lumbung Air Wakaf in Gaza to reduce the water crisis. (ACTNews)

The generosity of the Indonesian people aided the citizens of Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Somalia, and Sudan on the African continent. ACT gave aid in many ways, such as the construction of Waqf Wells to alleviate the water problem and food aid to alleviate the high levels of food insecurity in African countries.

"That is not all. Because of the huge Muslim population in Africa, ACT's assistance also promotes Muslim civilization there, from prayer kits and Quran copy distribution to assisting in the renovation of a mosque owned by Muslim people there that had been damaged," Faradiba said.

Indonesian donations do not stop in Africa. It also reached Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country is in Southern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula.

Aid reaches Muslims in Europe who face a humanitarian crisis. (ACTNews)

Muslim immigrants from the Middle East live in the country, which has a land area of only 51,000 kilometers. They live in the shackles of a humanitarian crisis. In 2021, ACT provided 2 tons of food packages and distributed Quran copies to hundreds of Muslims there.

"We hope that Generous Friends can continue to help us in any way. Hence, our humanitarian action can continue in 2022. Insha Allah, your kindness will receive the best reward from Allah," said Faradiba. []