17 Years of Cancer, Pujiastuti Continues to Teach Al-Qur’an

Global Zakat-ACT gives financial assistance to Pujiastuti. She is a survivor of uterine cervix cancer and an Al-Qur’an teacher in Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta.

Pujiastuti receives living expenses assistance from Friends of Indonesian Muslim Preachers program. (ACTNews)
Pujiastuti receives financial assistance from Friends of Indonesian Muslim Preachers program. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA SELATAN – Pujiastuti has never complained about the malignant disease she suffers. Although she was diagnosed with uterine cervix cancer 17 years ago, Pujiastuti tirelessly practices the knowledge that Allah has entrusted to her. She teaches Al-Qur’an to 15 students.

Pujiastuti has been an Al-Qur’an teacher for 20 years, but her income is now only around IDR 1 million per month. She uses the income to meet her daily needs and tuition fees for her children who attend private schools.

Pujiastuti often feels sudden pain due to her cancer. The doctor who has treated Pujiastuti advised her to undergo chemotherapy. However, due to limited funds, she decided not to do it.

“I am a single parent of my children. I rely on my income for our living expenses. Sometimes, it is difficult to meet our daily needs and pay for my children’s tuition fees, let alone to pay for the chemotherapy,” said Pujiastuti, Thursday (4/15/2021).

Global Zakat-ACT through Friends of Indonesian Muslim Preachers program helps Pujiastuti with living expenses as a form of empathy. Global Zakat-ACT South Jakarta Program Coordinator Muhammad Albar explained the living assistance was from benefactors who entrust their zakat to Global Zakat-ACT.

Insha allah, it will be useful for Pujiastuti so that she can continue teaching Al-Qur’an to children,” said Albar. 

Albar added many preachers and Al-Qur’an teachers in Indonesia shared Pujiastuti's financial problems. Albar invites the Generous Benefactors to care more to preachers and Al-Qur’an teachers who have difficulty fulfilling daily needs.[]