2,000 Syrians Displaced in Cold Winter

In 2019 alone, 1,864 have been killed in the Syrian Civil War. This December, just as the winter temperature plummets.

2,000 Syrians Displaced in Cold Winter' photo
Syrian children in one of the IDP camps on the Syria-Turkey border. Due to the repeated attacks in the Idlib region. hundreds of thousands fled to North Idlib (ACTNews)

ACTNews, IDLIB - The winter that has arrived in Syria in December does not make the Syrian conflict subside. The conflict escalated from Friday (12/20) to Wednesday (12/25), with 69 attacks that have occurred. The conflict in the past week killed five children after an air raid hit schools in a refugee camp located in northwestern Syria. A total of eight people were killed consisting of three adults and five children. The attack targeted the village of Jobas, near Saraqeb City, south of Idlib Province, as reported by Al-Jazeera on Wednesday (25/12).

Aksi Cepat Tanggap ‘s Humanitarian Data Center noted that at least 214,593 people evacuated to the Northern region of Idlib region due to this week's attacks. Firdaus Guritno from the Global Humanity Response - ACT explained that most of the refugees headed to the Idlib and Aleppo regions that border Turkey. "Hundreds of thousands of people have fled from Idlib to the border area due to the airstrikes and shootings against civilians. The refugees fled massively to the region of Idlib, "explained Firdaus. The refugees, said Firdaus, needed winter assistance in the form of food packages, shelter, warm clothing, heating, and blankets.

For more than eight years Syria has been devastated by conflict. Syria is trapped in a "no war and no peace" situation, analysts said at a forum held in Doha, Qatar, as reported by Al Jazeera in mid-December.

The war in Syria has also claimed nearly 1,000 humanitarian workers since 2011, according to the Syrian human rights, Anadolu Agency reported on Wednesday (25/12). A total of 979 humanitarian workers died in the March 2011-December 2019 attack.

Since the outbreak of the war in 2011, the situation in Syria has been very detrimental to civilians, especially children. The ups and downs of politics in Syria do not in fact produce a good outcome for those who should be able to live a better life. Humanitarian assistance brings hope for them. []