22 People Die of Hypothermia in Blizzard in Pakistan

The victims died of hypothermia.

A car caught in a snowstorm in Murree, Pakistan. (Doc. Reuters)
A car caught in a snowstorm in Murree, Pakistan. (Doc. Reuters)

ACTNews, MURREE – On Saturday (1/8/2022), At least 22 people have frozen to death after heavy snow trapped them in their vehicles as tens of thousands of visitors thronged Pakistan’s hill town of Murree, officials say. There were ten children and twelve adults among the victims. They died of hypothermia after the temperature in Murre fell to -8 degrees Celsius.

On Friday (1/7/2022) and Saturday (1/8/2022), heavy snow had fallen for two days. The snow accumulated to more than a meter and stranded drivers. Due to heavy traffic, all routes to Murree were closed. Snow also made it difficult for heavy equipment to clear roads.


“We are stranded in the car for 18 and 20 hours and waiting and how much more to wait. May God something work out and we are worried," Naveed Iqbal, one of the survivors whose car was stranded in a snowstorm, said.

The blizzard affected at least a thousand people in Murree. They were suffocating and starving. The appropriate authorities are still looking for assistance for those who have been affected.

Many of Murree's school buildings have been converted into relief camps where Pakistani authorities provide shelter and food to affected communities. []