32,000 Liters of Water Distributed to Drought-Hit Families in Tegal

Tegal Regency still suffers frpm drought. On Sunday (9/15), ACT Central Java distributed clean water. ACT Central Java is also preparing for a long-term solution to the annual drought.

32,000 Liters of Water Distributed to Drought-Hit Families in Tegal' photo
Beneficiaries queued for clean water distributed by ACT Central Java.

ACTNews, TEGAL – Several areas in Tegal Regency, Central Java, are still suffering from drought. Rivers and other water sources have dried up, resulting in the scarcity of water for agriculture, livestock, and the daily activities of the locals. As a result, the local residents are forced to buy water.

Responding to the drought, ACT Central Java along with volunteers from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Tegal distributed clean water on Sunday (9/15). The distribution locations were in three villages in Warureja and Suradadi Subdistricts that have been worst-affected by the drought. As many as 32 thousand liters of water were distributed in these villages.

ACT Central Java Branch Manager Sri Suroto said, the distribution of clean water has been carried out since the beginning of the dry season. The drought that began between late April and Early May has made it difficult for the local residents to get water. In fact, the long dry season this year has rendered farmlands uncultivable due to lack of water supply.

"For the distribution of clean water this Sunday, as many as 1,881 families benefitted from this distribution. We are also preparing a long-term program to overcome the problem of drought that occurs almost annually, "said Sri Suroto, Sunday (9/15).

Hamas Rausyanfikr, Head of the ACT Central Java Program Department said, during the drought, ACT has continued to assist the drought-affected communities, as seen in the ongoing distribution of clean water. In addition, ACT has also prepared a long-term solution to the drought by building waqf wells.

"Agricultural waqf wells and family waqf wells will be a long-term solution to the problem of drought," Hamas concluded. []