4 Things to Do When Riding Motorcycle in the Rain

During the rainy season, some preparations must be made before can ride a motorcycle safely in the rain. Erry Septiadi of Disaster Management Institute of Indonesia (DMII) shared several tips on riding a motorbike when it's raining.

safe riding
Illustration. Motorcyclist on Jalan Diponegoro, Cirebon. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOUTH JAKARTA – As the rainy season reaches its peak during the turn of the year, it’s become riskier and trickier to ride a motorcycle during rain. To keep your ride safe, Erry Septiadi from the Disaster Management Institute of Indonesia (DMII) shared some tips for a safe motorcycle ride during rain.

1.     Wear a raincoat

Erry advised every motorcyclist to keep their raincoats handy. “Like the saying prepare an umbrella before it rains, in this context, we must also keep our raincoat handy and ready to use when it rains suddenly to protect us from getting drenched,” said Erry, Thursday (1/12/2022).

2.     Ride slowly

Another tip to keep safe when riding in the rain is to ride slowly and not to slam on the brakes suddenly because the roads are often very slippery when raining. “Also, avoid puddles as much as possible because they can be potholes that are covered in water,” he said.

3.     Check your tires before riding

Before riding your motorcycle, check the conditions of your tires and make sure they are not bald. “Bald tires lose their grip significantly. Check your tires regularly to know if they need replacement,” Erry said.

4.     Turn on the lights when riding in heavy rains

Turn on the lights when it rains heavily so that you can see the road clearly. “Turn on the taillights so those riding behind us can see us clearly. However, if the rain is too heavy, it is better to pull over until the rain stops," he concluded. []