547 Palestinians Serve Life Sentences in Israeli Prisons by the End of 2021

The Palestinian Prisoner Society estimated that a total of 4,550 Palestinians are being imprisoned, including 32 women and 170 minors.

Detained palestinians
Illustration. Palestinians captured by Israel. (Special Document)

ACTNews, WEST BANK – The Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS), a human rights group that conducts research on Palestinians detained by Israel reported that the number of Palestinians sentenced to life imprisonment by the Israeli authorities has soared to 547.

Many of them were arrested for no apparent reason. Many of them were imprisoned for trivial mistakes.

In total, the report also estimated that 4,550 Palestinians are still being held in Israeli prisons, including 32 women, 170 minors, and 500 people held under Israel's administrative detention policy.

The treatment of Palestinian prisoners has also been subject to criticism. There are many cases of Palestinians being deprived of food in Israeli prisons. There have also been cases of violence and privacy violations.

Many female prisoners were not given privacy when they change clothes. In addition, Israeli prison authorities also frequently violate administrative regulations by not allowing detained Palestinians to be visited.

In a previous PPS report, 95 percent of Palestinians in Israeli prisons were reported experiencing torture. Israel applies various torture methods to Palestinian prisoners, both physically and psychologically through a comprehensive system of violence. []