73 Palestinians Injured after Israeli Armed Forces Trigger Clashes in West Bank

A total of 73 Palestinians were injured by the repressive actions of the Israeli armed forces who banned the Palestinians from protesting over the illegal settlement and occupations.

Israeli armed forces attack Palestinians.
Israeli armed forces attack Palestinians during protest in the West Bank. (Quds News Network)

ACTNews, RAMALLAH – Israeli forces committed another atrocity in Palestinian territories Seventy-three Palestinians were injured on Friday (6/25/2021) in clashes with the Israeli army in the northern occupied West Bank.

Initially, the Palestinians held protests in parts of the West Bank, including in northern Kafr Qaddum, Qalqilya, Beita, and southern Nablus. They protested against the expansion of illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which were not in accordance with international law.

This demonstration triggered a strong reaction from the Israeli forces who immediately fired live ammunition, rubber bullets, as well as tear gas at the Palestinians. The protesters defended themselves by throwing stones at Israeli troops.

In Friday's demonstrations, four Palestinians were injured, one of them critically, by live ammunition and 69 others by rubber bullets, said the Palestinian Red Crescent.

A total of 335 protesters were hit by tear gas. Meanwhile, in previous clashes, four Palestinian protesters were killed in the town of Beita.

Israel has been establishing a settlement outpost, known as Avitar, after illegally occupying around 1,000 square meters of land in the town's Jabal Sabih neighborhood which has triggered the protests.[]