82-Year-Old Veteran Lives in Decrepit House, ACT Raises Funds to Support Renovation

Abdul Gani (82) is a war veteran who was deployed during the Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation in the 60s. Though he is no longer fighting in a war, he is still fighting to provide for his family. To appreciate what he’s done for his country, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) partnered with various parties to renovate his house and provide him with a livable home.

abdul gani
Gani and his wife in front of their newly renovated house. (ACTNews/Dyah Retno)

ACTNews, CIREBON – Many elderly war veterans in Indonesia don’t have the attention they deserve. In their old age, many of them still have to fight to provide for their families. One of these war veterans is Abdul Gani (82) who lives in Kecapi Village, Harjamukti District, Cirebon Regency.

At his old age, he lives with his wife Rohana. To fulfill his family’s needs, he used to peddle food and snacks. Unfortunately, an accident that befell him some time ago has left him unable to work properly. Now, her wife also helps him with the family’s economy by offering a laundry service for their neighbors.

The house where Abdul Gani and his wife live is decrepit and unlivable. The roof had started to leak, and the wooden and bamboo boards from which the walls were made had badly weathered. In addition, some parts of the house were left open, making the inhabitants vulnerable to unfriendly weather.

The situation that Abdul Gani and his wife have to deal with is unbefitting for a family of a war veteran who has participated in a military struggle. Abdul Gani was deployed to a warship in the waters of the Indonesia-Malaysia border during the Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation in the early 60s.

"In 2008 I received a title from Veterans' Legion of Indonesia," said Gani.

Gani in front of his decrepit house. (ACTNews/Umar)

To help Abdul Gani and his family, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) partnered with various parties and raised funds through Indonesia Dermawan and Kitabisa crowdfunding platforms to renovate Abdul Gani’s house. The renovation finished in February, and Abdul Gani and his wife now live comfortably.

Communication Forum of Indonesian Veterans' Children (FKPPI) Cirebon’s Head of Communication Division Dani Jaelani appreciated what ACT has done to support Abdul Gani. "Thanks to ACT Cirebon for responding immediately to our appeal. They have made extraordinary efforts so that Pak Gani is now able to live in a decent house," he said. []