A Closer Look at Waqf Distribution Center Activities Ahead of Ramadan

Waqf Distribution Center (WDC), an aid distribution center under Global Wakaf - ACT, is managed productively and professionally. The existence of WDC makes the distribution of Waqf Rice and Waqf Drinking Water better as it makes sure that the aid packages will be received by the community in the good conditions.

WDC employees transporting rice packages, Thursday (3/20/2021). Every day, the Waqf Distribution Center distributes 8 tons of Waqf Rice. (ACTNews / Ubaidillah).

ACTNews, BOGOR - Several trucks were parked in the courtyard of a building whose gate is painted in orange and green. The employees at the compound were busy loading one of the trucks with the rice packages from the warehouse.  

After the rice packages have been moved to the truck, the truck then moved to the building across the rice warehouse. The WDC employees then loaded tens of boxes of drinking water onto the truck. After the truck was fully loaded, the WDC employees then signaled the truck to drive away.

Inside the building, dozens of boxes of Waqf Drinking Water were neatly stacked on the shelves painted in orange and blue.

The two buildings next to the Waqf Drinking Water warehouse were filled with sacks of rice. Inside those two buildings, the employees were busy going back and forth, moving the sacks of rice with forklifts.

One of the employees working at the WDC was Andre. He was busy sticking the Waqf Rice labels on the rice sacks. "In a day, I attach the labels on hundreds of sacks of rice,” said Andre.

Another worker was Nurul whose job is to package the rice and repair damaged rice packaging. "One package weighs 3 kilograms," she said.

WDC employees packing the Waqf Rice (ACTNews / Ubaidillah)

Such is the description of the activities at the Waqf Distribution Center (WDC) on Saturday (3/20/2021). Located in Karanggan Village, Gunung Putri District, Bogor Regency, the WDC was managed by Global Wakaf – ACT. The WDC has 24 employees that aim to facilitate the distribution of aid packages from the WDC.

The Coordinator of Waqf Distribution Center Rinu said, in a day, WDC distributes up to 8 tons of Waqf Rice and 1,200 boxes of Waqf Drinking Water to ACT branch offices in several regions. "The rice and drinking water will later be distributed to beneficiaries, i.e. underprivileged communities," said Rinu.

He added that the Waqf Distribution Center is an aid distribution center that is managed productively and professionally to distribute the Waqf Rice and Waqf Drinking Water. It makes sure that these aid packages will reach the beneficiaries in a good condition.

"Waqf Distribution Center supports the National Food Alms Movement in strengthening the nation’s food sovereignty. The rice obtained from farmers participating in the Productive Rice Field Waqf program will also be gathered here,” said Rinu at the Waqf Distribution Center.

Approaching Ramadan, WDC is getting busier. According to Rinu, the number of Waqf Rice and Waqf Drinking Water to be distributed to beneficiaries will increase to further widen the scope of ACT’s aid distribution. []