A Contagion of Kindness Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

Generosity and kindness were among the things that also spread during the COVID-19 epidemic. This was shown when the owner of Kampung Halaman Restaurant in Bambu Apus, South Tangerang, received free rice, a contribution from those who want to participate in providing free lunch packages.

Mega Sari (31) preparing 100 lunch packages on Thursday (4/9). That day was the 12th day that her restaurant takes part in ACT’s Free Meal Operation. (ACTNews / Gina Mardani)

ACTNews, SOUTH TANGERANG - Mega Sari (31) had partnered with Aksi Cepat Tanggap in providing free lunch packages for 12 days. She had produced a total of 2,000 lunch packages to be given to the needy around Bambu Apus, South Tangerang. This program has brought blessings not only to the beneficiaries, but also to herself.

The mother of two admitted, kindness has spread through the Free Meal Operation Program. Through this program, she can also provide a job to one of her neighbors who has lost her livelihood as a motorcycle taxi driver.

Another example of the massive benefits and kindness is when an anonymous benefactor donated rice for the free lunch program. That day, Mega was able to add to the 100 lunch packages that she cooks daily thanks to that donation.

"Someone came to me on Friday to give one sack of rice, a man. He was wearing a mask. I asked for his name and number, but he refused to give. He said, ‘Since there is a free lunch distribution here, I leave this rice here. Please use it as you please,’” Mega said during the free lunch distribution with IM3 Ooredoo. The rice aid was used to add to the number of lunch packages. Mega did not expect that kindness will rapidly spread.

The beneficiaries of the free lunch distribution expressed their gratitude and prayers for the benefactors. Sakyo (73), a cassava chip peddler, also prayed to the benefactors. That day Sakyo received a lunch package provided by ACT and IM3 Ooredoo. He was grateful that there are still good people who want to share kindness to others. "I really thank you. I don't want to panic over coronavirus, and I can't just stay at home. Every day, I have to work just to eat," explained the man from Gunung Kidul. He admitted, even though he has children, Sakyo did not want to burden them.

A similar gratitude was also conveyed by Abdul Majid (50). The janitor who works around the Ciater area, South Tangerang, had just finished working. As a janitor, he is unable to work from home. Amid this pandemic, he still works to clean areas around South Tangerang. []