A Flatbread Loaf Means Very Much for Syrian IDP Families

"If we hadn't received bread from you, maybe we would have starved to death," said a mother in Salqin IDP camp.

A Syrian child in an IDP camp receiving a khobz loaf. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, NORTH IDLIB, EAST IDLIB - Ahmad had just finished his evening prayer at the mosque on Sunday night in the first week of November. Earlier during the day, he distributed up to a thousand loaves of khobz to the IDP in the Salaqin region, North Idlib, Syria. Despite being exhausted, he felt happy after spending his day for the sake of Allah.

As he hurried home, he saw two small children in the darkness of Salqin, near the gutter in the market. One of them was busy holding a flashlight, while the other looked as if he was searching for something.

The two children were surprised by Ahmad’s arrival. "We are collecting tomatoes, potatoes, rotten carrots, any leftover from the market," one of the children answered. After gathering some leftover vegetables, Ahmad then took them home. "Where is your father?" Asked Ahmad. The two children answered softly but firmly, "Our father has been martyred".

It turned out that they live with their mother and two other siblings. The five of them rented a place on the attic floor of an old apartment with a low roof that almost touches an adult's head. After a little conversation, Ahmad knew that they are among the permanent beneficiaries of the khobz distribution.

"If we hadn't received bread from you, maybe we would have starved to death. This is how we live. We eat the bread that you give with the vegetables and fruits that the children scavenge from the market every day, "said the mother. Ahmad's heart was touched as he was overwhelmed with emotions. He then decided to share this story to the benefactors in Indonesia.

Syrian children in IDP camps receiving bread packages. (ACTNews)

The khobs and food packages distribution are among ACT’s regular programs for the people of Syria. This November, the food packages also include nutritious food for babies. Firdaus Guritno from Global Humanity Response (GHR) - ACT said, the food distribution this November reaches several IDP camps starting from North Idlib and East Idlib.

"The distribution reached Mavi Camp in the Harem area and Abu Thalha Camp in Salqin, North Idlib, Idlib City, and the Saraqib region in East Idlib," Firdaus explained. This November, there were a total of 336 families receiving food packages, and 34,000 families receiving bread packages. They are internally displaced persons who have small children. Until now, the food distribution is still ongoing. []