A Garut Honorary Teacher Expects A Habitable House

Aam Wildani is currently in a mediocre economic situation. This honorary teacher also lives in a house that is in disrepair.

Aam and his family
The ACT Garut team meets Aam and his family in front of his house. (ACTNews)
ACTNews, GARUT — Aam Wildani (59) lives in Pameungpeuk District, Garut Regency. He has been an honorary teacher at Al-Barokah Islamic Elementary School in Pameungpeuk Village for 22 years.
In addition to teaching at an Islamic elementary school, Aam volunteers at a mosque near his home to teach children the Quran after Asr Prayer. Aam also works as a farm laborer to supplement the family's income.
Aam, his wife, and their children live in a 4-by-2-meter house. The state of the house is quite concerning. The walls have become weathered and have holes in them. Similarly, the floors of stilted houses are already brittle with age, and the roof is leaking. Aam's house has only a few renovation touches. The main impediment is a lack of funds.
Rizky Nugraha of the Garut Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team, who visited Aam's house a few months ago, explained that Aam's income is less than IDR 1 million per month. It is the main reason Aam is unable to renovate his house.
"Pak Aam's house lacks a bathroom. If you need to defecate or shower, you must go to his sister's house or the nearest mosque," Rizky elaborated.

Aam Wildani is a Quran teacher. (ACTNews)

Efforts to assist

Aam, who is no longer young and has a mediocre income, still wishes to renovate his home. ACT Garut is currently raising awareness to help achieve this goal.
In addition to house renovation, this philanthropy will provide Aam's family with business capital assistance and food packages.

"Generous Friends, Let us give our best alms. We will distribute this trust through the best program for Pak Aam's family," explained Rizky. []