A Gazan Starts Business with Waqf Motorbike Carts

Omar Imran Alladah, one of the recipients of the Waqf Motorbike Cart, was very grateful for this assistance. Now, he is preparing to start a business to support his five family members.

A Palestinian
One of the Palestinians receives Waqf Motorbike Cart from ACT team. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – The joy was visible on Omar Imran Alladah's face. One of the Palestinians in Gaza City. He received Waqf Motorbike Cart from ACT Palestine team. Omar is the breadwinner for his five family members. He will use it to start a business.

After receiving the vehicle keys, he excitedly drove a green motorbike cart to his house.

Tahany Ahmed Qasim, Branch Manager of ACT Palestine, explains that the Waqf Motorbike Cart can be used by beneficiaries to start various businesses, such as peddling various merchandise or shuttle services.

The beneficiaries can also use the motorbike carts to offer pick-up services to various locations because of the habit in Gaza of using carts as transportation.

Alhamdulillah, at the beginning of October, we have conveyed the motorbike cart assistance to micro-enterprises in Palestine. In addition to providing carts for business capital, there will also be a business monitoring in the future," she said on Thursday (9/7/2021).

Tahany hopes this assistance will improve the economy and welfare of underprivileged families in Gaza after the Israeli armed forces' aggression last May.

"The current condition of Gazans is still struggling to restore their lives. Difficulty in getting jobs is a big obstacle for Gazans to meet their daily needs. Many of them are very dependent on humanitarian aid because they have no income. They have tried their best, but there are limited job opportunities in Gaza," concluded Tahany.[]