A Glimpse at ICS Compound in Tasikmalaya a Week after Groundbreaking

A Glimpse at ICS Compound in Tasikmalaya a Week after Groundbreaking

 ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – The people of Culamega, Tasikmalaya Regency, is slowly recovering after the floods and landslides that swept through three weeks ago. The devastation left by the disasters, however, still can be seen. Dozens of houses were destroyed by the flashfloods that hit early in the morning. The disasters also claimed the lives of six local villagers.

Responding to the need for dwellings for the disaster victims, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) built Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) compound in Bojongsari Village, Culamega. Beginning on Tuesday (11/20), the progress of the ICS construction in Culamega has reached 30%. Wooden frames are being constructed. Several units of the shelters even already have their roofs installed.

Coordinator of ACT humanitarian posts for Tasikmalaya, Rosmana, stated that the construction of the ICS compound is supported by the locals as well as construction volunteers. To hasten the construction process, they work overtime until night.

“We aim to finish the ICS construction in the next two weeks. The shelters will be provided for those whose house were destroyed or heavily damaged by the disasters. There are 60 shelters for 60 families in Bojongsari and Cikuya Villages in total,” said Rosmana, Wednesday (11/28).

After the post-disaster recovery period ends, the ICS compound will not be demolished. Instead, it will be turned to a tourism resort. “Insha Allah, in the future, the ICS compound will be a village asset after the villagers have returned to their houses,” Rosmana added.

Across the sea, ACT is also building ICS compound for disaster victims in Central Sulawesi. With the target of 1,000 shelters across Palu, Sigi and Donggala. In Duyu Village in Palu, the construction progress has reached 95%; in Buluri Village in Palu, the progress has reached 20%. In Sigi, the progress has reached 25% in North Sibalaya. In Donggala, the ICS construction in Wani has reached the progress of 55%. The sixth ICS compound in central Sulawesi – located in Soulove, Sigi -  has just begun constructing on Saturday (11/24). []



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