A Grocery Shop to Support Tuzimah at Her Old Age

In her old age, Tuzimah (70), chooses not to depend on her children and grandchildren. She chooses to sell groceries in front of her house to meet her needs, occasionally peddling her merchandise.

Tuzimah (70), a grocer who has been selling for decades. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANTUL – At an old age, Tuzimah (70), does not want to trouble her children and grandchildren. This elderly woman who lives in Condrowangsan Hamlet, Potorono Village, Banguntapan District, Bantul, is still working to meet her daily needs.

Selling groceries is Tuzimah's way to be independent. She runs a grocery shop in front of her house. Occasionally, she goes to peddle her merchandise. "I've been selling for more than 25 years. Previously, I sold groceries at Beringharjo Market. Now I run a shop in my own house,” Tuzimah told ACTNews some time ago.

From this grocery shop, Tuzimah used to make a turnover of up to IDR 2.5 million in one month. It was enough to meet her needs. “It was enough because it could fulfill my basic needs," she said. Even after her husband died, Tuzimah was still able to build her own house from this business.

Unfortunately, since the Covid-19 pandemic, her sales have declined. Her profit is reduced by half. "This Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on grocery shop. Usually my grocers sell well. Now, there are no buyers," she said.

She tries to keep her business afloat and wants to increase the types of groceries that she sells so that her business can continue despite difficult times like now.

Seeing the struggle of the elderly business owners, Global Wakaf-ACT endeavors to accompany them through the Waqf for MSME Capital program. It is hoped that through this capital assistance, she can develop her grocery shop which has been running for decades. "I will use this capital assistance to add more merchandises," said Tuzimah.[]