A Hope for Blessing Amidst Business Difficulties

Nurbaniah’s business that has been running for three decades is currently facing difficulties. Her food stall that was previously able to support her family now makes IDR 50,000 daily at most.

Nurbaniah serving her customers. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LHOKSEUMAWE - It was difficult for Nurbaniah (54) to hold back her emotions when she received the waqf capital assistance. Her voice trembled as she expressed her hopes for the future of her business. "I want to expand my business with the capital assistance from Global Wakaf - ACT. And I want the blessings. I pray to Allah that my business will forever be blessed. I am touched by this assistance. O Allah, I am deeply moved, "said Nurbaniah, Wednesday (11/25).

Lately, Nurbaniah’s business has been facing problems. She felt greatly assisted when she received the assistance. For 30 years, she has been selling snacks in Meunasah Masjid Village, Muara Dua District, Lhokseumawe. But since the school was closed, her livelihood has also been affected.

"To make ends meet, Ibu Nurbaniah only relies on her food stall during the pandemic. The life of her small family has also been affected. Her income has drastically decreased, making only IDR 50,000 a day at most,” explained Hidayatullah from the Global Wakaf – ACT Lhokseumawe Program Team.

Her financial restraints have been burdensome for her lately. The money that should have been used to finance her business has to be used for basic needs. She has been very tempted to take some loans from banks and cooperatives, but she chose not to do that for fear of the sins and the big interests that she has to pay.

Nurbaniah was grateful for the assistance from the Waqf for Micro Business Capital Program. She is committed to improving her family’s economy through this waqf funds. "And the most important thing is for Ibu Nurbaniah to be free from the shackles of usury, and by avoiding interest-based loans, her business will be more blessed. Mrs. Nurbaniah expressed her gratitude to Global Wakaf - ACT Lhokseumawe and all the generous people who have contributed," said Hidayatullah.

He hoped that this program from Global Wakaf - ACT can continue to benefit Indonesians who need business capital assistance, especially small entrepreneurs in Lhokseumawe. "We hope that the Global Wakaf - ACT can make help survive these difficult times. Therefore, we hope that the benefactors are willing to support this program to continue," hoped Hidayatullah. []