A House Fire Kills Five Palestinian Children in Hebron, West Bank

In Taffuh City, Hebron, West Bank, a fire broke out in a residential area. The five victims were siblings ranging in age from five to fourteen years.

Fire kills five Palestinian
Fire kills five Palestinian children in Taffuh City. (Special Document)

ACTNews, WEST BANK – On Saturday (3/26/2022), a fire broke out in a Palestinian residential area of Taffuh City, West Bank. This incident resulted in the deaths of five children and the injuries of fifteen others.

Mayor of Taffuh Mahmoud Erzekat said that the five, aged between five and 14, had died in the early hours after the fire broke out in their home. Another 15 people were injured, including the children's parents whose condition was described as critical. Local authorities said they were investigating the cause of the fire. Among the injured were some nearby residents who attempted to rescue the family from the blaze. The children were buried in a joint funeral in Taffuh on Saturday afternoon.

The town lies eight kilometers (five miles) west of Hebron, a frequent flashpoint between Palestinians and Israeli forces who have occupied the West Bank since the Six-Day War of 1967.

Previously, Israeli settlements in the West Bank were responsible for several fires at Palestinian buildings and public facilities. For example, in 2021. In the Bethlehem area, Israeli settlers set fire to a Palestinian inn. The Palestinian Authority suspects that this was done by settlers to destroy Bethlehem's tourism industry.

Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces reportedly stormed a mosque south of Jenin in the West Bank in July 2021 to disperse worshipers during Friday prayers. After being disbanded, they gathered the mosque's furniture and burned it. []