A Lunch with Syrian Refugees in Turkey

A Lunch with Syrian Refugees in Turkey

ACTNews, REYHANLI – It was a rare occasion for Saha, a Syrian refugee woman, to be able to prepare the dish of bulgur and chicken. She is a Syrian woman who lives in Yayla camp in Bukulmez, Reyhanli, located close to Turkey-Syria border. Living as refugees, Saha and her family are unable to afford groceries.

“We have been living in hardship since moving here. To this day, my husband works as an oddjobber with no steady income while we have to feed our three children. In winter, job opportunities are barely available. Sometimes we have money, but we have to save in order to survive,” said Saha.

On Sunday (12/16), Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team in Turkey visited Yayla camp where Saha and hundreds of other Syrian refugees live. The team has visited this camp for several times, bringing food packages from Indonesia Humanitarian Center (IHC) – ACT for them.

Unlike the previous visits, the team was able to have lunch with the Syrian refugees. Saha was willing to cook the food supplies from IHC ACT into delicious dishes of bulgur and chicken. With only limited cooking utensils available, Saha used only firewood and a pan.

 “The groceries given by ACT are really helpful for us. Alhamdulillah, we are no longer afraid of having no food to eat,” said Saha.

Said Mukaffiy of ACT team in Reyhanli mentioned that, after Saha finished cooking, the whole family gathered and sat in a circle with a big plate of chicken and bulgur at the center.

“They, especially the children, ate the dish heartily. I helped feeding the children. Alhamdulillah, we could share a little happiness to those refugees. May ACT be able to always assist the refugees,” added Mukaffiy.

Saha, on behalf of other refugees, sent her warmest regards to the people of Indonesia. “We thank the people of Indonesia for caring about us and giving groceries packages each month. May Allah bless you all,” said Saha.

Since its establishment in March 2018, IHC – ACT in Reyhanli has constantly distributed food to the Syrian refugees in Turkey and Internally Displaced People inside Syria. Approximately 10,000 packages of groceries and 4 million loaves of bread have been distributed. []



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