A Message of Generosity in A Food Package

The food packages from ACT that residents brought home through the implementation of the food program did not only contain food ingredients to meet their needs for the next few days. There was a message of generosity that many people continue helping each other even though the economic condition is worse due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

MRI Bogor volunteer
An MRI Bogor volunteer (left) escorts an elderly who has difficulty bringing food packages from Free Food Operation in Cijeruk, Bogor Regency, Friday (10/15/2021). (ACTNews/Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Friday (10/15/2021), Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) launched its new program: Cheap Food Operation. ACT held an affordable food bazaar simultaneously in various cities in Indonesia through ACT branches. Residents could bring home the food that is available for only half the price. This program is a part of ACT's support as a humanitarian institution amid a new normal era.

The launching ceremony for Cheap Food Operation was held in North Jakarta and continued in various areas. In West Jakarta, this activity, supported by the benefactors, was held at the Al-Hurriyyah Mosque, Puri Indah, Kembangan. The beneficiaries of this program were impoverished people.

In Jakarta, Cheap Food Operations are not only held in West Jakarta but also in other areas, starting from Central Jakarta to South Jakarta. The implementation of kindness had also spread to the Bodetabek area.

Ishaq Maulana, Branch Manager of ACT Bogor, attended Cheap Food Operation program in Cijeruk, Bogor Regency. He says Cheap Food Operation becomes a stimulus amid a new normal era. The important thing is the packages were not just filled with food to meet the needs but also a message of generosity. These food packages prove that there is still a lot of help flowing amid the declining economic conditions due to the pandemic.

“What residents hold in their hands to take home are basically not just food packages, but they also carry a message that proves that generosity is real,” explained Ishaq, Friday (10/15/2021).

ACT also carried out Free Food Operations, which has been running since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. This action has also expanded to various regions. In Madiun and Manado, for example. ACT provided hundreds of food packages for impoverished people, people affected by the pandemic, and daily workers. 

Dian Adiwibowo, Branch Manager of ACT Madiun, said that food was one of the problems during the pandemic. With the decline in the community's economy, the ability to fulfill food is threatened. Thus, this matter becomes serious for ACT to handle.

“Generosity is the driving force behind these acts of kindness. ACT distributes the best alms from the community through various programs. Thank you to all the benefactors," said Dian.[]