A Muslim Convert’s Story as a Quran Teacher and Quran School Manager

As a convert to Islam, being given the mandate to become a Quran teacher was a very heavy burden for Latifah. However, with the support of those around her, she can carry this trust. Now she manages a Quran school with 125 students.

Latifah n front of the Rumah Quran Madinah Payakumbuh which she manages. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PAYAKUMBUH – Becoming a Muslim convert has brought joy to Ustazah Latifah Oktaviani. Upon becoming a Muslim, she met great people, and her life became more calm and peaceful. However, she felt a heavy burden when she was mandated to teach the Quran.

Three years after converting to Islam in 2006, she was mandated to teach the Quran. To her, it was not an easy task. She was worried that she wouldn’t be able to carry out her duty because she didn’t have much knowledge about Islam.

"What would people say? I used to be worried about people wouldn’t trust me because I am a Muslim convert. I was afraid they will hesitate to learn the Quran because the teacher is a  Muslim convert that isn’t proficient enough,” said Latifah, Friday (7/1/2021).

However, contrary to her doubts, people around her are in fact very supportive and trusted her. It is that when she started to teach that she learned more about the Quran and her religious conviction became even stronger.

“Perhaps, to be a Quran teacher is a way that Allah has written for me so that I can be more confident in Islam. That is why I was given that mandate. In every test in our life, there must be a purpose that has yet to be found," she explained.

Latifah has established Rumah Quran Madinah Payakumbuh (RQMP) in Koto Payakumbuh, North Payakumbuh District, Payakumbuh City. A total of 125 students learn the Quran there for free. Latifah wants Payakumbuh to be a region deeply influenced by Qur'anic values where people can learn the Qur'an without thinking about the cost.

"The purpose of establishing this Quran school is so that Payakumbuh becomes a Qur'anic city. There will be people in every house that can read the Quran. They can learn to read the Qur'an without having to think about the payment," he concluded. []