A New Cart Helps Marinah Amid Her Difficulty in Making A Living

After the Emergency PPKM, Marinah hopes to be able to peddle her sales with her cart. Hence, she can reach out to more customers and make the family income stable.

During Emergency PPKM, Marinah cannot sell around and can only park her cart on the side of the TB Simatupang road, South Jakarta. (ACT News)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Marinah has been selling drinks around for the past twelve years. Before the pandemic, Marinah used to peddle around for kilometers without feeling the slightest bit sore and tired.

However, due to activity restrictions, she now parks her cart on the side of the TB Simatupang road, South Jakarta. Marinah admits that her income has decreased due to the limited number of target customers, and the empty conditions during the Emergency Public Activity Restriction Enforcement (PPKM).

“Previously, I earned IDR 140,000 per day normally. Now, it is difficult to earn at least IDR 50 thousand a day,” said Marinah when met by the Team of Global Wakaf-ACT on Tuesday (7/1/2021). Oftentimes, she was forced to throw away some of the drinks that don't last long.

Marinah's business is quite developed. Her initial business capital was only IDR 200 thousand. “I borrowed my relative’s money for business capital,” added Marinah.

Marinah's business is the main source of income for the family. Her husband has been sick for a long time and can no longer work. Meanwhile, she also has five children, one of whom is disabled.

She wants to repair her old cart and hopes to be able to peddle around after the pandemic is over.

Global Wakaf-ACT helped Marinah's wishes through the Productive Business Waqf program. Through this program, Global Wakaf-ACT provided one unit of Waqf Cart for Marinah to maximize her sales. []