A Note from 2016: Global Qurban Reached Taiz in the Middle of Yemen Conflict

A Note from 2016: Global Qurban Reached Taiz in the Middle of Yemen Conflict

ACTNews, TAIZ, Yemen – It’s been two years, and conflict has ravaged Yemen. Since 25 March 2015, conflict has been weaving chaos and fear in Yemeni’s heart.

There’s no night without worry, there’s no day without uncertainty. For 26 million Yemenis, security, job and guarantee to have proper meals and beverages are some of the biggest impossibilities.

A few weeks before Ramadan, ACTNews met Mohamed Ali S. Al-Najar, Yemeni diplomatic representative for Indonesia. From his perspective, the chaos that storms out his nation really obscures the future of 26 million Yemenis.

“Almost all of Yemeni areas are insecure, particularly for newcomers. That is why humanitarian aid is really difficult to enter cities in Yemen. Meals and beverages are limited, and even the hygiene is questionable. This condition causes cholera to outbreak in Yemen,” Al-Najar told us his story.

Even with all things that can go wrong, almost one year ago, Global Qurban – Aksi Cepat Tanggap arrived in Yemen. In September 2016, Global Qurban visited Taiz, a city in Yemen’s southwest mountain.

At that time, Taiz was the best chance for GQ to visit. There, GQ shared qurbani package that Indonesians sent for grieving Yemenis.

Taiz is the third biggest city in Yemen, after Sanaa and Aden. Once upon a time—before conflict exploded—Taiz used to be a center of Arab-Yemeni ancient civilization.

Last year, a few weeks before Eid al-Adha 2016, one partner of Global Qurban informed that Indonesian qurbani can enter Yemen and be distributed in Taiz. Before Tashreeq day ended, qurbani aids with Indonesian flag atop finally entered the homes of Taiz’s neediest residents.

Sam Nagi Ali Saif’s family was one of them. He told us that conflict had exacerbated the economic condition of his family. “For years, we haven’t eaten meat. We didn’t expect there would be qurbani aid from Indonesia. We will make meat menus for Eid al-Adha, as special as possible. We are happy,” Sam Nagi Ali Saif revealed to Global Qurban’s Yemeni partner.

There is also a story coming from Salim Khalid Ali’s family. In Taiz’s slum area, Khalid Ali was the father of five daughters and one son. In the midst of conflict, he could not work the way he usually had. He also suffered from an illness that was hard to cure. Last year, Khalid Ali could cook meat for his family in the holy day.

The bliss of Global Qurban was also delivered to Hana Zaid Haroon Ahmed’s door, an Arab language teacher and mother of six children. Hana Zaid made a living all alone, since his husband died in the conflict. Eid al-Adha 2016 was the most impressive moment for her family, for Hana Zaid was able to cook Yemeni’s special menu from qurbani meat.

Preparing qurbani momentum this year, Global Qurban will continue the story of qurban distribution in Yemen. Even though entering Yemen will not be an easy task, but with the prayers of all Indonesians, our nation can do something worthwhile, such as delivering qurbani to Yemen, Insha Allah.


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