A Shipment of 25.000 tons of Rice to Aid People in Africa and Yemen

A Shipment of 25.000 tons of Rice to Aid People in Africa and Yemen

ACTNews, JAKARTA – People in four countries are suffering. They are struck by hunger due to the prolonged drought and conflict occurring inside the country. An estimated of 6,2 million Somalis, 7,5 million Sudanese in the south and 7 million Yemenis are inflicted by the conflict. Whereas 14,4 million Nigerian are also suffering from severe lack of food!

In response to the crisis, global humanitarian group Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has come up with a program entitled Humanitarian Ship Program; Food for Humanity.  With intent to help people suffering from severe hunger due to lack of food and prolonged dry season, Aksi Cepat Tanggap came up with a solution to send a ship containing aid to the Horns of Africa.   

Massive casualties -estimated to be 35,1 million- has also moved Aksi Cepat Tanggap to think big in finding a solution. Humanitarian Ship Program; Food Humanity is created with great intentions to help victims experiencing hunger in a monumental way.

Now, Aksi Cepat Tanggap is inviting Indonesia and the whole world to join in the act. No matter how small the donations, your contributions will make a difference for people suffering from hunger. Obviously, trying to manage the crisis in a small or medium way will not cure the situation. The solution must be big.

Rini Maryani, ACT’s Vice President stated that ACT’s mission is not to bring aid consisting of funds where goods will be bought inside or around the countries struck by crisis. Apart from the sky high prices, it will be impossible to buy the necessities needed in a country struck by drought and conflict.   

“We have to take things into consideration. And besides, we want as many people to contribute because not everyone can donate in the form of cash. Anyone can contribute to the program and help our brothers and sister suffering from severe lack of food,” Rini explained. 

Rini also added that Humanitarian Ship; Food for Humanity will give a chance and the convenience for anybody who is willing to help because donations are mainly focused on the collection rice.      

“Necessities most needed are stapled food, their main necessities is rice. That is why we have chosen to raise donations in the form of rice which we will then distribute to three countries in Africa and also Yemen. It will be more convenient for people to help out because every household in Indonesia has rice.” she added.  

By spreading the news about the program, Rini implied that any level of society can contribute. In order to do so, ACT has established teams and a 10.000 Lumbung Padi post (granary) across Indonesia. Locations not including Lumbung Padi posts around the world.    

“Lumbung Peduli post is a place where donors can donate rice and money in their area. Raising funds in the form of rice will is scheduled to run for two months,” Rini explained.

Lumbung Peduli will be accessible to society based in mosques, educational institutions, local institutions, Lembaga Amil Zakat/LAZ, Local Governments implemented in Langsa City, and organizations such as NU, Muhammadiyah, MUI along with other elements of society.   

“Any level of society can lend a helping hand in this humanitarian mission, Lumbung Peduli post will accept rice donations no matter how small. Lumbung Peduli post will be established in every region, accessible to everyone and it will be located strategically,” Rini said.  

Phase I of rice collection is scheduled to run until 20 May 2017, with a target of 25.000 tons of rice that has to be shipped. If everything goes as planned, the ship will set sail on 25 May 2017 heading to the four countries along with several ACT volunteers.

“The voyage is planned for 25 days. Insha’Allah the ship will reach its final destination by Ramadhan so countries who are suffering can enjoy aid on the monumental day of Idul Fitri,” she said optimistically.

After Humanitarian Ship Program; Food for Humanity has successfully reached their target, the program will continue on to help people in need across the Indonesian archipelago.

“Lumbung Padi posts will continue to strive along with the Humanitarian Ship Program; Food for Humanity inside the country. It will continue to sail to areas located on the outskirts of Indonesia, in areas lacking food or areas suffering from hunger and areas prone to disaster,” she said.

After the program relationship with partners will be maintained along with the elements of society contributing to the humanitarian mission. Until today, ACT has collaborated with more than 100 organizations including the local government of Langsa City-Aceh.  

According to Rini, the problems of people in Africa will not end even if it rained once or twice. Currently, there are millions of children suffering, if they are not saved they can die!

“Do not hesitate to help them, if you can do it now, do it now! Don’t wait for tomorrow, because this is an emergency, their lives are at stake. Help them today!” she shouted emotionally. []


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