A Solemn Prayer Inside a Makeshift Mosque

A Solemn Prayer Inside a Makeshift Mosque

ACTNews, SIGI – The weather app on our phone showed that the temperature was 31 ⁰ Celsius on Friday (11/9) afternoon. The bright sunshine and heat are not something uncommon in the coastal regions of Central Sulawesi that is located close to the equator. Since 11 a.m. Central Indonesia Standard Time, litanies were heard from a loudspeaker placed near the makeshift mosque located on a field in Lolu Village, Sigi.

At noon, the azan was called. The worshippers were slowly gathering in the mosque after making their wudu. The mosque was nothing but a humble structure made of wooden pillars and zinc sheets. It is a small room for the Lolu villagers to worship God. At the time of Friday Prayers, a tent behind the makeshift mosque is also used for the worshippers. This makeshift mosque still doesn’t have any running water.

Muhammad Nurdin was wearing a white shirt and a white kufi with a blue stripe. He led the Friday Prayer that afternoon. Nurdin is the Imam of Al-Falah Mosque in Lolu Village. He regularly leads the prayers in the mosque. That Friday (11/9) was the fifth Friday Prayer after the earthquake that was held inside the makeshift mosque. Al-Falah Mosque, located at the entrance of the village, was destroyed during the earthquake on October 28.

Before the makeshift mosque was built, Nurdin and the villagers used the available tents. “On the first Friday after the earthquake, I told the villagers that we were going to pray on this field. There are many tents here. Just use them and cover the ground with mats,” said Nurdin when Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team met him the day before (11/8).

For five consecutive Fridays, Nurdin has been telling the khatib to make the sermon as brief and concise as possible due to the heat and humidity. “I have been telling the khatib to deliver their sermons for two minutes only, five minutes at most or the worshippers will feel very much uncomfortable,” Nurdin explained.

Despite having only a humble makeshift mosque for their Friday Prayers, the Lolu villagers are happy that they are safe and alive. When the earthquake shook, no one was buried under the mosque. “When the earthquake happened, I was on the way from Morowali. I was stuck in Toboli, near plantation area. There were no casualties in Al-Falah Mosque. Everyone managed to get out,” Nurdin added.

Not just a place of worship

After Friday Prayer, the adult males gathered for a meeting in the makeshift mosque to discuss the upcoming Mawlid celebration. Attended the gathering were a number of village officials such as Village Head Tarmin Haero, Muhammad Nurdin himself, Head of RT 09 Neighborhood Saharuna and Head of Village Consultative Body Arifin.  

During the meeting, the villagers expressed their eagerness of a new mosque. For them, Al-Falah Mosque is not merely a place of worship. It is an important aspect of the village, and one of its function is for meetings. Additionally, as the rainy season is approaching, a decent mosque is needed for the villagers to worship solemnly and comfortably in congregation.

 “We hope that the construction of the mosque will be prioritized as the Mawlid and the rainy season is approaching. This is a hope that we wish ACT could fulfill,” said Arifin on behalf of the Lolu Villagers.

Though the building of Al-Falah Mosque is in ruins, but spirituality and religiosity are filling the hearts of Lolu Villagers. []



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