A Thousand Iftar Meals from Humanity Food Truck and Komunitas Mencetak Miliarder

Towards the end of Ramadan, Humanity Food Truck continues to expand its delicious ready-to-eat meals for iftar. This time, in collaboration with the Komunitas Mencetak Miliarder (MM), ACT served a thousand meals in Bekasi.

One of the residents of Bekasi receives an iftar package from Humanity Food Truck (ACTNews)
One of the residents of Bekasi receives an iftar package from Humanity Food Truck (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BEKASI – Endawati (60) sat pensively on the sidewalk around the Al-Barkah Grand Mosque, Bekasi City. It was almost half a day, but the masks and tissue papers that she sells had not been sold out yet. Endarwati lives in Harapan Mulya, Medan Satri, Bekasi City. She admitted that she did this business to fulfill her daily food needs, especially for iftar and suhoor during Ramadan.

On Saturday (5/1/2021), Endawati was relieved because she did not need to spend money to buy food for breaking the fast. She became one of the beneficiaries of the iftar package distribution from the Humanity Food Truck at the Al-Barkah Grand Mosque, Bekasi City.

Alhamdulillah, I will eat this meal package together with my children. I can save on expenses today. Usually, I have to buy food for iftar and suhoor to eat with my children and grandchildren at home,” said Endarwati. She usually peddles her sales around the neighborhood. Her income is uncertain.

Humanitarian Collaboration

A thousand portions of the Iftar packages were distributed to congregants, street vendors, daily workers, and the passers-by around the Al-Barkah Mosque. The Humanity Food Truck action was supported by the Komunitas Mencetak Miliarder (MM) Bogor, which had distributed its best alms through ACT to provide iftar packages.

Komunitas Mencetak Miliarder (MM) Representative Rosita Yuliani admitted that she was very excited about seeing the Humanity Food Truck in action serving the community. "This is awesome! The collaboration between ACT and the Komunitas Mencetak Miliarder (MM) can provide great benefits to the community by providing a thousand portions of  Iftar meals," she said.

Apart from seeing the distribution of iftar packages, Rosita was also very impressed with the production of the meals, from cooking to packaging. She also appreciated ACT for carrying out the mandate.

"Hopefully, this good collaboration can continue in the future outside Ramadan so more benefits will be distributed, "hoped Rosita. []