A Wheelchair for Cinta, a Kid with CTEV Disorder

A Wheelchair for Cinta, a Kid with CTEV Disorder

ACTNews, BONDOWOSO – The girl has a such beautiful face. It is befitting for her parents to name her Primadona. Her full name is Primadona Cinta Septiasa, nicknamed Cinta.

However, there’s something peculiar with this 6 year old girl. There’s an abnormality in her growth. Her legs look small and flat, unable to support her body. Consequently, at a tender age, she’s already paralyzed.

Last Monday (15/1), ACT’s Mobile Social Rescue Team along with the volunteers from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Bondowoso area visited Cinta’s house in South Krajan, Tamanan Village, Bondowoso District. Her parents, Slamet Aries Putranto and Ade Irma Susanti, were surprised to see them came and brought a wheelchair. There were moving smiles in their hospitality when welcoming the team that afternoon.

Cinta, who was playing on the floor, was also surprised. Her parents then helped her to sit on the new wheelchair.

“Alhamdulillah, thank you very much ACT. I never expected a new wheelchair for Cinta,” said her mother emotionally.

After expressing their appreciation, Cinta’s parents told the team about their daughter’s condition. Santi, Cinta’s mother, said that her daughter’s disorder, caused by Congenital Talipes Equino Varus (CTEV), has been suffered since she was only 12 month old. Unfortunately, nobody was aware of this, even the medical personnels.

According to Cinta’s father, the doctor diagnosed that the CTEV has infected Cinta since birth. This caused Cinta’s growth and development to be hampered. Even until now, for a girl of her age, her verbal ability is limited.

However, there’s one thing that touched the hearts of the MRI-ACT team members. When telling about their daughter’s condition, no single complain was heard from their mouth. They were so strong and patient to face this calamity while continuously striving for the cure of their youngest daughter.

“Insha Allah, we will always work hard so that our daughter can grow and develop like any other child. That’s true, even though our income is not that much. Cinta’s father is just a contract worker and I’m just a housewife,” explained Santi patiently.

Both Santi and Slamet confessed that, along with her daughter’s growth, they started to feel difficult to carry Cinta to help her with her activities. Apparently, this came to the attention of one of Santi’s friends, who empathyzed with her condition.

“Therefore, we try to alleviate your hardship by giving this wheelchair donation,” said Deden, an MRI Bondowoso volunteer who visited their house.

A sincere gratitude was once again expressed by Santi and her husband. They request for prayers so that their hope for her daughter’s full recovery will be granted by Allah,”

“Their fighting spirit really insipres us, coming from the parents who patiently and sincerely accept their child’s condition while tirelessly struggling for her daughter’s recovery,” said Deden emotionally.

Dian Laksana, from Public Relation of ACT East Java branch stated that the wheelchair donation for Cinta is an implementation of the Mobile Social Rescue Program. Periodically, ACT East Java work with MRI volunteers throughout East Java to reach those who are in dire need of emergency aid. []   


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