Abdul Somad’s Dedication to the Mosque for 31 Years

Abdul Somad has been a caretaker of the mosque for 31 years. He never expected to be paid, so he has to be thrifty and manage his money well to meet his family's needs.

Abdul Somad after mopping the floor of the mosque. (ACTNews/Rizki Febianto)
Abdul Somad after mopping the floor of the mosque. (ACTNews/Rizki Febianto)

ACTNews, TANGERANG SELATAN — At 3 a.m, Abdul Somad has walked out of his rented house in the Ciputat area, South Tangerang, Banten. He went to the Al-Ijtihad Mosque which was not far from his house leaving his wife and child. “Wake up, everyone! Let’s eat suhoor!” said Somad using the mosque’s microphone. Somad felt it was his duty to wake up the residents for suhoor.

At the age of 57, he spent more than half of his life working as a mosque caretaker. It has become his routine to wake people up to eat suhoor. Ironically, he had not eaten himself at that time. He prioritizes the residents more than himself. When waking the residents, Abdul Somad was also accompanied by chanting of Salawat.

Somad looked sweaty and his clothes were wet when the ACTNews team met him. He said he was hot after mopping the floor of the mosque. He did not want to add the mosque’s electricity costs just for himself if he turned on the fan.

“I sincerely devote myself to being a caretaker here. I never expected to be paid or anything,” Somad said, Wednesday (4/29/2021).

Somad admitted that he relies on his wife’s job as a launderer to fulfill his family's daily needs. He can only help a little from the money given by the mosque's administrator.

The income of his family is uncertain and makes it difficult for Somad’s family to meet their food needs during Ramadan including for suhoor and iftar. Usually, they eat simple dishes such as sayur asem and tempeh. “I want to eat something else, but I have no more money, I am grateful for what I have. Thankfully, my wife and child never complain,” said Somad.

Fortunately, through Ramadan Food Alms Movement, ACT’s Humanity Food Truck came to the area near his house. He received ready-to-eat meals for suhoor made by an international standard chef in collaboration with ACT.