Abundant Water from Hiswana Migas' Waqf Well for Gunungkidul

Abundant Water from Hiswana Migas' Waqf Well for Gunungkidul

ACTNews, GUNUNGKIDUL – Despite being famous for its beautiful beaches, unfortunately, Gunungkidul regency is also known as the region with water scarcity problem.

Since mid-2018, approximately 31,607 families in Gunungkidul have to suffer from water crisis due to lack of clean water. Regional Disaster Mitigation Board (BPBD) Gunungkidul Regency stated that, of 18 sub-districts, 13 of them are in dire need of clean water: Rongkop, Tepus, Semin, Tanjungsari, Saptosari, Ponjong, Nglipar, Panggang, Semanu, Gedangsari, Ngawen, Girisubo and Purwosari sub-district.

One of the areas that come to Global Wakaf – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) attention is Plalar Hamlet, Umbulrejo Village, Ponjong sub-district. The water crisis has been going on since March, forcing the local villagers to get water from a river located 1 kilometer away from the settlement area.

“We have no other choice; it is the only water available. Not only that it’s located so far away, the road to get there is also hilly. We use the water from the river for our livestock and our daily life,” said Sunar, one of the locals.

Plalar Hamlet, in fact, has a number of wells around 10 to 15 meters deep. Unfortunately, the water amount is not sufficient for the whole residents of the hamlet. Besides, some of them also depend on the water aid from the local government of Gunungkidul.

Deep water well was dug in the hamlet. This water well is one of the wells constructed through the Water-Well Waqf initiated by Global Wakaf to bring as much benefit as possible for people afflicted by water crisis.

The construction of the water well in Umbulrejo village began in early August and was finished within a week. What made the locals even happier is that the water comes out when the drill only reached 90 meters deep.

 Usually, the water from the ground comes out only when it is pumped using diesel or electric pumps. Sometimes it could also be unfortunate when several holes have been drilled but the water does not come out. Widi, Coordinator of the Drillers, mentioned that if the water comes out without being pumped, it means that there is an abundant water source underground.

The locals gathered to look at the abundant water source that has been long hidden beneath the rocks. With bright smile, Marsino, the head of the hamlet, expressed his gratitude to Global Wakaf.

“Thank you for digging water well in our hamlet. Hopefully, the benefit can reach all the local villagers,” said Marsino.

 The construction of this well is also due to the waqf fund from Private Association of Oil and Gas Entrepreneurs (Hiswana Migas) Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY). Apart from building water-well in Umbulrejo village, Global Wakaf DIY has constructed other nine wells throughout Yogyakarta, mostly constructed in Gunungkidul.

Global Wakaf – ACT DIY Branch Manager Agus Budi Hariyadi stated that he will keep building more water wells in areas ridden with water crisis throughout DIY. “Insha Allah, the construction of the productive waqf water wells be built in many other areas prone to water crisis because, as we know, the best charity is the charity of water. Thank you for all waqf donors who have trusted Global Wakaf ACT’s efforts in alleviating water crisis in DIY. []


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