Aca Ready to Open Second Bakery with Capital and Monitoring Assistance

Although initially, he didn’t understand how business works, now, Nurmansyah continuously develops his Roti Srikaya Ayah Gembul shop. He also wishes to open his second bakery.

Not only selling through the offline store, Aca also offers his bread through an online-based application. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Nurmansyah started his business as a reseller of sarikaya bread one year ago after resigning from his previous job. After two months, Nurmansyah who is also familiar as Aca often suffered from losses.

Aca then changed the direction of his business. From being a reseller, now he is a bread producer and opens Sarikaya Ayah Gembul bakery in Gunung Sahari Selatan Village, Kemayoran District, Central Jakarta. In addition, he also sells his bread through online applications.

“I produce three types of bread including the baked, fried, and boiled ones. Alhamdulillah, I still can survive during the pandemic although mostly I only rely on online sales. My sales from the offline shop are declining. Thanks to the online store in various applications, I can support my needs,” said Aca, Thursday (9/16/2021).

Last June, Aca has started to receive business capital and monitoring assistance through Waqf for MSME program from  Global Wakaf-ACT in collaboration with ZIS Rohis Lintasarta for MSME owners in Kemayoran District.

Aca bought a mixer that makes his work 4 times more efficient. In addition, with the knowledge he gained during mentoring, Aca is now able to optimize his financial so that he can predict the amount of bread produced every day.

“I also have many mentoring friends to whom I usually share experiences, or tell stories about our businesses. We can even help each other with the sales or business marketing,” said Aca.

Aca then received the second phase of capital assistance this September. He also plans to buy a display case from the assistance to support his new second bakery. "Thank you very much to Global Wakaf-ACT for helping me through entrepreneurship monitoring and capital assistance. With this assistance, Insha Allah, it will be a blessing for my family and business. Hopefully, it will also be useful for my friends who have received it yesterday," hoped Aca.[]