ACT Accompanies Luthfi’s Treatment; A toddler with Chronic Liver Disease

In Jakarta, Luthfi and his mother live in a temporary house. ACT not only assists but also meets Luthfi's needs for milk and diapers while he is receiving treatment in Jakarta.

Luthfi with a member ACT Support Team during treatment at the RSCM. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOUTH JAKARTA – ACT continues to assist in medical treatment for Luthfi Al Rizky, a toddler from Batam suffering from chronic liver disease. Luthfi's treatment has progressed to the point where the results of the biopsy preparations from Kariadi Hospital Semarang have been submitted to the team of doctors at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) in Jakarta.

According to Dayani, a member of the ACT Support Team that accompanied Lutfi's treatment in Jakarta, Lutfi needed a liver transplant. The donor is his mother.

"However, before the transplant procedure can begin, both the recipient and the donor must pass a series of medical and administrative tests. The process is quite lengthy," Dayani stated on Monday (1/17/2022).

Dayani added Luthfi and his mother lived in a temporary house in Jakarta. ACT also meets Luthfi's needs for milk and diapers while receiving treatment in Jakarta.

"Thankfully, the patient's condition has stabilized. The patient must be injected with vitamin K once a month. Hopefully, the treatment process will go smoothly and without a hitch," Yani stated. []