ACT and Bank Muamalat Carry Out Free Food Operation in Ambon

ACT continuously carries out Free Food Operation across the nation. In Ambon, the action was held in collaboration with Bank Muamalat.

Bank Muamalat.
Meal package distribution to informal workers in Ambon. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, AMBON – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) continuously expands Free Food Operation in various locations in Indonesia. The program is an effort to overcome the pandemic impact evenly. Through support from various ACT branches in many regions and the benefactors’ alms, the best meal packages were distributed to those in need.

One of Free Food Operation was carried out in front of the Great Mosque of Al-Fatah, Jalan Sultan Babulah, AMbon (10/15/2021). The action which targeted informal workers such as motorbike taxis, rickshaw drivers, and cleaning officers was also supported by Bank Muamalat Ambon Branch.

Branch Manager of Bank Muamalat Ambon, Akbar Sulaiman said that the act of kindness that was carried out with ACT was an effort to solve the impact of the ongoing pandemic.

“I hope, this Free Food Operation can assist informal workers by keeping their lunch expense. I also hope, in the future, Bank Muamalat can continue to collaborate with ACT with other humanitarian actions,” said Akbar.

Furthermore, Branch Manager of ACT Maluku, Wahab Loilatu explains that Free Food Operation is an ACT’s program launched in 2020. Meal package assistance was chosen because the pandemic impact is not only on people’s health but also the economy which affects food fulfillment.

“Free Food Operation with Bank Muamalat was one of the actions that were carried out by ACT. In the future, Free Food Operation will continue to be carried out as the actualization of assisting people through generosity,” Wahab explained.[]