ACT and Gerakan Ceban Launch Free Food Operation in Bonggor Village

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) launched Free Food Operation in Bonggor Village, Bandung City. Apart from distributing food aid to underprivileged communities, ACT team also bought MSME merchandise as an effort to empower during the pandemic.

ready-to-eat meals
Distribution of ready-to-eat meals to one of the daily workers in Bonggor Village on Thursday (7/29/2021). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANDUNG – The decision of the government to extend the Emergency PPKM has had a significant impact on the community. Underprivileged communities and MSMEs owners feel that this government policy has effects on their livelihoods.

To strengthen each other amid this difficulty, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) continues to expand Free Meal Operation and distribute it to impoverished residents. This time, it was carried out in Bonggor Village, Ciumbuleuit Sub-district, Cidedep District, Bandung City. In addition, the team also bought MSME products around the distribution location.

“We buy food from food stalls, and then we give the food to people in need. Our action today is a collaboration with Gerakan Ceban (GERCEB) from Kampung ITB Bandung," said Irvan Apriana from ACT Bandung Program Team, Thursday (7/29/2021).

Apart from ready-to-eat meals, ACT also distributes food packages. (ACTNews)

Wagiyono, a food stall owner, stated that with the implementation of this Emergency PPKM, his income has decreased by 50% to 60%. Therefore, he felt helped by  Free Meal Operation program from ACT.

"I hope this program can continue to run during the pandemic, not just this once. Hopefully, this pandemic can pass soon," hoped Wagiyono.

Franky, one of the residents, also felt the same way. He sells daily necessities. The decrease in the number of buyers affects his income. “I am grateful to ACT Bandung for the provided assistance. Hopefully, those who have donated will be given health, wealth, and also long life,” added Franky.

Many residents positively welcomed Free Food Operation. Irvan invites the community to collaborate in this program. "Let's continue to help underprivileged residents and other MSME owners affected by Emergency PPKM through Free Food Operations. A small alms from Generous Friends can have a big impact for our brothers and sisters in need out there," said Irvan. []