ACT and Indonesian Armed Forces’ Collaboration to Build the Nation

The 5th day of October is celebrated in Indonesia as National Armed Forces Day. On its 76th Anniversary, the Indonesian Armed Forces have made many contributions and collaborations in humanitarianism.

President of Aksi Cepat Tanggap Ibnu Khajar (left) with Commander of Military Resort Command 072/Pamungkas Brigadier General Afianto (right) during the aid handover to orphans who are victims of Covid-19 in Yogyakarta, Saturday (9/4/2021). (ACTNews/Ichsan Ali)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) commemorate their 76th Anniversary on Tuesday, October 5, 2021. On its 76th anniversary, TNI has made contributions and collaborations with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) in the field of humanitarianism.

ACT has long been involved in humanitarian actions and programs with the Indonesian Army (TNI AD), Navy (TNI AL), and Air Force (TNI AU). The global outbreak of COVID-19 further strengthens the humanitarian collaboration between these institutions.

Humanitarian Ships

One of the first partnerships between the Indonesian Armed Forces and ACT was manifested through the Humanitarian Ships that aimed to provide aid packages to people in Eastern Indonesia, Indonesian peripheral areas, and disaster-hit regions. The Indonesian Navy contributed to this program by deploying its military vessels on the instruction of the President in coordination with the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs.

One of these Humanitarian Ships was launched for the earthquake victims in Lombok in 2018. The vessel carried 1,200 tons of aid packages to be distributed to the disaster survivors. The vessel used for the Humanitarian Ship for Lombok was KRI Banjarmasin.

Citarum Harum

ACT and the Indonesian Armed Forces worked together to clean the Citarum River Banks in Rancamanyar Village, Baleendah District, Bandung Regency. On that occasion, ACT and Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) volunteers distributed tens of thousands of meal packages from ACT's Humanity Food Truck.

Peace and Humanitarian Mission for Rohingya

ACT and the Indonesian Armed Forces also took part in helping Rohingya through humanitarian and peacekeeping missions, one of which is the formation of the National Committee for Solidarity for the Rohingya (KNSR), an institution that focuses on realizing true brotherhood and peace for the Rohingya.

The focus of this collaboration is to encourage all parties to help Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh as well as Rohingya IDP in Rakhine State through the distribution of thousands of tons of food packages, construction of shelters, humanity cards, and humanitarian programs for Rohingya who are struggling to survive.

Save the Nation from Pandemic

Various humanitarian actions and programs during the Covid-19 pandemic continue to be carried out by ACT and the Indonesian Armed Forces including through vaccinations and distribution of 1.5 tons of Waqf Rice.

In addition, ACT and the Indonesian Armed Forces held a program to support orphans whose parents died of COVID-19 by providing educational and financial assistance as well as food packages so that they can make their dreams come true in the absence of their parents. []