ACT and IR USA Hand Out Assistance to Flood Victims

In collaboration with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), Indonesia Relief USA (IR USA) distributed assistance to flood victims in Jakarta Greater Area, Bandung, and Karawang in February.

Flood-affected students receiving school kits from ACT and IR USA. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA - ACT and Indonesia Relief - USA (IR-USA), provided assistance to some flood victims in Indonesia through various humanitarian programs in February. School supplies, food packages, and rescue equipment were provided to residents in Bogor, West Bandung and Karawang.

"In the middle of February, we collaborated with IR USA. Alhamdulillah we distributed some assistance to the disaster-affected victims, including evacuees. Among the programs was the distribution of food packages for flood victims in evacuation sites in Bogor. There was also the distribution of school kits for students in Bandung. IR USA also gave rescue equipment that was used to rescue the flood victims in Karawang, "Hidayatun Nisak ​​from the Global Philanthropy Network (GPN) - ACT Team said on Thursday (3/5).

In Bogor Regency, food packages were given to 125 displaced families at the Tangseng Atas Hamlet evacuation site, Sukaraksa Village, Cigudeg Subdistrict on Sunday (2/16). The school kits were given to children in Cipeundeuy Village, Padalarang Subdistrict, West Bandung Regency. School bags, stationery, uniforms, and shoes were gifted to the school children in the village. Cipeunduy Village was also affected by flooding earlier this year.

"The distribution of school kits was highly appreciated. The students were very happy to get new school kits. There were 131 packages that we distributed on Friday (2/12). The beneficiaries are students from elementary to high schools," Nisak ​​explained.

Due to the frequent heavy rain, IR USA and ACT also provided evacuation equipment. The equipment was finally used to evacuate hundreds of people during the flood on February 23 and 25 in Kesepat Hamlet, Rorotan Village, Cilincing Subdistrict, North Jakarta, as well as Karawang, and Bekasi.

The Disaster Emergency Response (DER) Team - ACT evacuating flood victims using equipment donated by IR USA. (ACTNews)

"We were also given a set of rescue equipment consisting of inflatable boats, paddles, helmets, water shoes, throwing ropes, and buoys. Alhamdulillah, the rescue equipment was very useful after the rain that continuously fell on Jakarta Metropolitan Area and Karawang that caused flooding," Nisak ​​said.

Nisak ​​hoped that this collaboration can continue in the future due to the great benefits it brings to the community. She also hoped that, in future collaborations, these benefits can be more widespread.

"Hopefully, similar collaborations can continue in the future, seeing that the collaboration that we are doing at this time brings benefits to the community, and was met with positive responses. Of course, we hope that future collaborations will bring even greater benefits to the community," Nisak ​​hoped. []