ACT and PT Pegadaian Appreciate Mothers in Central Jakarta through Food Packages

In honor of Mother's Day, the Sharia Business Unit of PT Pegadaian provided assistance to mothers, funded by the Community Benefit Fund, in collaboration with Aksi Cepat Tanggap in an event titled Resilient Mother and Caring for Family Heroes. The team handed over aid on Monday (12/27/2021).

ACT and PT Pegadaian
ACT and PT Pegadaian send food packages to mothers in Central Jakarta. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – To commemorate Mother's Day, which falls on December 22, PT Pegadaian's Sharia Business Unit held a ceremonial da'wah event and humanitarian collaboration with various social institutions, one of which was Aksi Cepat Tanggap.

According to PT Pegadaian's Director of Network, Operations, and Sales, Damar Latri Setiawan, the assistance was a form of Mother's Day appreciation.

"This activity represents Pegadaian Syariah's appreciation and concern for mothers as family heroes who struggle and survive the pandemic. We thank the mothers and hope to continue to be a mother figure who inspires everyone," Damar said.

Aat Soihat, Branch Manager of ACT Central Jakarta, stated that the IDR 15 million in aid handed over by Pegadaian Syariah will be used for the food aid program.

"Mother's Day assistance is provided in the form of food to underprivileged mothers, teachers, and religious teachers throughout Central Jakarta. Alhamdulillah, the beneficiaries expressed their appreciation and gratitude for this assistance," said Aat.

Food assistance from Pegadaian Syariah has been distributed since Wednesday (12/29/2021). Seventy strong mothers received the food package and expressed their gratitude to Pegadaian Syariah. []