ACT and UI Student Executive Boards' Collaboration for the People of Asmat

ACT and UI Student Executive Boards' Collaboration for the People of Asmat

ACTNews, ASMAT – The people from all around Indonesia care about Papua, as shown by the busy activities and transport to and from Asmat regency, Papua. Although the epidemic status has been revoked, the concern from the people of Indonesia to their afflicted brothers and sisters is still profusely being shown.

On Wednesday (14/2), the local residents of Akat district, Asmat regency, were visited by the students of Universitas Indonesia under BEM se-UI (the Alliance of Students Executive Boards of Universitas Indonesia). On that day, there was something special given to the villagers of Kampung Ayam and Kampung Wau Cisau in that district.


The students brought with them a number of nutritious food packages that were ready to be distributed to the families afflicted by malnutrition and other critical diseases in those two villages. The distribution of the food packages is a collaborative work between BEM se-UI and Aksi Cepat Tanggap, supported by

Muhammad Faizal Haq for BEM se-UI said that this donation distribution is to respond the outbreak of measles and distribution afflicting most districts in Asmat regency. Hopefully, the nutritious food packages will be able to alleviate the measles and malnutrition from which the children of Asmat are suffering.

We hope that (this aid) will help the people in Asmat regency to fulfill their need for food,” said Haq.


On this occasion, BEM se-UI and ACT also provided trauma healing for Asmat children. The children who gathered at the rumah bujang (a traditional Asmat house which functions as a village hall) were invited to play together. Their laughter and joy filled the traditional village hall for a few hours.

As admitted by Idmund Perdina, one of the students from BEM se-UI, trauma healing activities are essential to restore the psychological condition of the children, especially those who have been hospitalized due to malnutrition or other illnesses, because they need joyful moments after being sick for quite some time.


“We know that they had just received medical treatments from the hospitals, which may cause trauma. We want to rebuild the optimism of the children, so they can be happy again,” said Perdina.

The malnutrition and measles outbreak which spread across Asmat regency few months ago came to BEM se-UI’s attention. Donations are being raised to then be given to the people who are suffering from measles and malnutrition in Asmat.


BEM se-UI is the alliance of the Student Executive Boards throughout Universitas Indonesia in responding to the current important issue. The measles and malnutrition cases in Asmat became one of the important issues that needs concrete collaborative efforts from Universitas Indonesia’s Student Executive Boards. []



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