ACT and Wong Solo Group Strengthen MSMEs by Growing People's Economy

MSMEs are the pillars of the people's economy. ACT and Wong Solo Group provided waqf capital assistance in the form of ready-to-sell food products. Hence, the MSMEs continue to run.

Puspo Wardoyo
Chief of Advisory Board Ahyudin (right) signs the MoU with Wong Solo Group. Puspo Wardoyo (left), the owner of Wong Solo Group, witnessed the signing. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOLO – The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on the Indonesian economy. Many workers have been laid off, and many Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have gone out of business. According to data from the Indonesian MSME Association, 30 million MSMEs went bankrupt due to the pandemic.

Seeing these conditions, ACT and Wong Solo Group try to provide solutions that are right on target and have a direct impact on the community, especially MSME owners. The solution is the provision of Waqf for MSME Capital.

Chief of Advisory Board Ahyudin said this collaboration was a joint effort to help MSME owners to survive. With this collaboration, hopefully, that the burden of MSME will be lighter.

"If praying in congregation, the reward is 27 times greater than alone. What if we are together in muamalat (acts involving interaction and exchange among people), trade, economy, and business? The reward is countless. The burden will also be lighter if we lift it together," said Ahyudin, Wednesday (20/10/2021).

Ahyudin adds that MSMEs are the key to supporting the nation's economy. Through MSME, a people-based economy grows, job opportunities are open, and the national GDP is high. "If MSMEs are in good condition, the community's economy will also improve," explained Ahyudin.

Puspo Wardoyo, the owner of Wong Solo Group, said that ACT's collaboration with the Wong Solo Group through PT. Halalan Thoyiban Indonesia, will provide waqf in the form of MSME products. Furthermore, the products can be sold by the beneficiary of the waqf program so that the economy can get back on track.

"The products in this program are innovative products in the form of instant meals that can be cooked in a few minutes," said Puspo.

Puspo continued that the risk of food entrepreneurs is that if they do not sell, they will lose. Hence, the solution is instant meals, for example, packaged meatballs. In one package, there are meatballs, gravy, and seasonings.

"If it doesn't sell well, the technology we have prepared can make goods last up to one year if they are still sealed," he said. In the early stages, Wong Solo Group will provide products for 1,000 MSMEs. Later, they will be coordinated so that they can be sold optimally.[]