ACT Bandung Deliver Quran Waqf to Islamic Boarding Schools in Remote Bandung with Aloomni

The distribution of Quran copy aims to provide encouragement and motivation to students in the Greater Bandung area, particularly those attending Islamic boarding schools in remote areas.

Quran distribution
The team carries out Quran distribution on Tuesday (5/10/2022) to Islamic boarding schools throughout Bandung Regency. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANDUNG – Global Wakaf-ACT Bandung continues its efforts to support education for students and santri in various parts of the country by distributing Quran copies through the Quran Waqf program. This new copy aimed to instill in students a desire to learn about religion.

This distribution came thanks to the support of Aloomni, a fashion company in the city of Bandung. The Global Wakaf-ACT team distributed 400 Quran copies to Islamic boarding schools in remote regions of Bandung.

The Waqf Quran was distributed on Tuesday (5/17/2022) to Subulusallam Islamic Boarding School in Gununghalu Village, Gununghalu District, West Bandung Regency. Leni Suhaeni, principal of the Subulusaalam Islamic Boarding School, praised the activity and thanked everyone who helped make it possible.

"I am grateful to every one of you for this Quran Waqf. Students should be more enthusiastic about learning now that they have a new Quran copy. Furthermore, the distribution of Quran Waqf may continue in other locations,” she stated.

This distribution activity has been running since last Tuesday (5/10/2022). Previously, the distribution of the Quran had been carried out in several places, including the Tafrihul Fuadi Islamic Boarding School in Lembang, the Al Huda Islamic Boarding School in Lembang, the Bina Insani Miftahul Fallah Islamic Boarding School in Cimaung, the Al Istiqamah Islamic Boarding School Cipeundey, the Nurul Mubin Islamic Boarding School and the Ar Rohman Cangkuang DTA Islamic Boarding School. []