ACT Builds Another ICS in Sidera Village - Sigi Biromaru

ACT Builds Another ICS in Sidera Village - Sigi Biromaru

ACTNews, SIGI – The post-disaster recovery period in Central Sulawesi continues. For the recent five days, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has been constructing another Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) compound for the disaster survivors. The latest ICS compound is being built in Sidera Village, Sigi Biromaru Sub-District, Sigi Regency.

Dede Abdul Rohman, Coordinator of ICS – ACT construction stated that the construction was initiated due to the large number of evacuees in that region. The current available shelters cannot hold the massive number of earthquake and soil liquefaction victims in Sigi Regency.

“We aim to build 160 units of shelter. Insha Allah, it will be finished in the next three weeks. It will take 25 days to finish at the most,” explained Abdul Rohman.

Sigi Regency was among the locations that were worst-hit by the earthquakes and soil liquefactions in South Sulawesi. The catastrophe has heavily damaged thousands of houses in Sigi Regency, even many of them were flattened to the ground. Hundreds were killed, and thousands were forced to seek safety in evacuation sites.

Like other ICS compounds, the ICS compound in Sidera village will also be equipped with various kinds of amenities like mosque, public sanitary facilities, playground, management office and health facilities.

Until January 2019, ACT has built 762 units of shelter in seven Sub-Districts across Palu, Sigi and Donggala, not including the ICS compound that has just been initiated in Sidera Village. The seven sub-districts in which ICS compounds have been built are Tatanga, Tanabulava, Sigi Biromaru, Tanatovea, Ulujadi, Dolo, West Palu and Mantikulore.

“ACT plans to construct 930 units of shelter. A hundred and sixty are still currently under construction in Sidera Village. We are also preparing to build eight new family shelters. Our hope is that they will all be finished soon so that the disaster victims can live in a place more decent than tents made of thin sheets,” concluded Abdul Rohman. []




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