ACT Builds Waqf Well for a School in Gaza

To solve the water crisis in Palestine, ACT built a Waqf Well in Palestine in December 2019.

The construction of the Waqf Well in December 2019. This Waqf Well will serve as a water source for the Palestinians. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KHAN YUNIS – There were over 1,500 children at Tariq bin Ziyad school. Located in the city of Khan Yunis, this school have been suffering from lack of clean water. In Khan Yunis and the Palestinian territories in general, water is a luxury.

To solve this problem, Global Wakaf-Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) built a Waqf Well in Palestinian land in December 2019. This well was built to be a water source especially for students and teachers at the Tariq bin Ziyad school to provide drinkable water.

The taps at Tariq bin Ziyad School dried up because there was no clean water supply due to the water crisis in Palestine. (ACTNews)

Andi Noor Faradiba from the Global Humanity Response (GHR) – ACT said that the Tariq bin Ziyad school had experienced a water crisis for a long time. The water taps at the school did not stream any water. The water reservoirs were often empty. "With this waqf well, students and teachers will be able to enjoy clean water for free throughout the year," she explained, Saturday (1/11).

Prior to the construction of the well, the school had to buy water to fulfill the students and teachers’ needs. The price is expensive because clean water is scarce in Palestine. The government cannot do much because they have experienced the water crisis since the beginning of the blockade.

97 percent of the water in Palestine is currently polluted and unfit for consumption.

ACT itself has previously routinely distributed clean water to various areas in Palestine. Using the Humanity Water Tank, clean water is distributed especially in locations that are severely affected by the clean water crisis. []