ACT Carries Out Cheap Food Operation to Assist People amid Pandemic

Dozens of residents received the benefits of Cheap Food Operation in Lamyong, Banda Aceh City on Thursday (10/21/2021). The action aimed to assist people especially those affected by the pandemic.

Cheap Food Operation
The program aims to fulfill the community’s food needs with quality and affordable food supply. (ACTNews/Dimas Aldrian)

ACTNews, BANDA ACEH – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), Masyarakat Relawan Indoensia (MRI) Aceh, and the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) initiated Cheap Food Operation program in Banda Aceh City. This program is a national humanitarian program to meet the needs of quality and affordable food for people in need and informal workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dozens of people came to take cheap food packages with coupons on Thursday (10/21/2021). Previously, the coupons have been distributed by village officials to people who require food packages at affordable prices. The Cheap Food Operation was in collaboration with Aceh Meutuah, a local supermarket in Lamnyong, Banda Aceh.

“The best alms is food alms. This time, we assist people’s struggle to meet their food needs. ACT invites Indonesians to help provide quality and affordable food for those in need through Cheap Food Operation,” explained an ACT Aceh Program Staff, Ikrar Maulana.

ACT partners with a local supermarket, Aceh Meutah Supermarket for Cheap Food Operation in Banda Aceh. (ACTNews/Dimas Aldrian)

Rikar explains that the main purpose of this program is to make the best alms as a solution to people’s difficulties. "The most important thing is that the distributed packages aren’t only filled with food but also a package of kindness with a message of generosity for the family at home. It is a form of concern amid the declining economic conditions due to the impact of the pandemic," added Rikar.

The action received a warm welcome from the community including Abu Bakar Rizieq (70), a converted fisherman who lives in Krueng Cut, Aceh Besar. To fulfill his daily needs, he and his wife look for oysters in the river to sell.

Driving his rickshaw with his caping hat on, Rizieq got in line to buy the cheap food package from ACT in Aceh Meutuah Supermarket for his family at home. “I am so grateful for this cheap food package. If I buy it myself, the price for rice and cooking oil can reach hundreds of thousands of rupiah,” said Rizieq.

With the big benefits of Cheap Food Operation, Rikar encourages the community to take part in the program so that it can expand and reach more people. “The Generous Friends can submit their support through bank transfer to Bank Aceh Syariah 01001930009205, BSI 7089 7860 23, or Bank Muamalat 2410036660 all in the name of Aksi Cepat Tanggap. Afterward, please confirm your donation through direct message on official Instagram @act_aceh or WhatsApp chat to 0822-8326-9008,” said Rikar.[]