ACT Commemorates Prophet's Birthday through Kindness Actions

Indonesian people carry out various activities to commemorate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. ACT also enlivened it by assisting in several places.

ACT Gresik
ACT Gresik holds the commemoration of the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GRESIK, TASIKMALAYA REGENCY– ACT celebrated the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW by giving alms to the community. ACT carried out various activities that became fields of worship.

On Wednesday (10/20/2021), ACT received the opportunity from Maulana Malik Ibrahim Grand Mosque, Gresik, to hold an event. In collaboration with the Yayasan Rumah Generasi Pemenang, ACT invited the orphans and their mothers.

90 participants attended the talk show that presented religious leaders as speakers. ACT also provided a kids zone, so mothers who took part in the event did not have to worry about their children while listening to the activities.

"Not only a talk show, but this activity also distributed staple foods and coupons that can be exchanged for various dishes and accessories for free," explained Nur Qomari from ACT Gresik Program team.

ACT also held the commemoration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad in the Tasikmalaya Regency. The activity was held in conjunction with National Santri Day, which falls on October 22, 2021.

ACT Tasikmalaya Regency also distributed rice to Indonesian students in Al-Kautsar 561 Islamic Boarding School, Cinaem Village.  Ustaz Rifqi Fauzi, Chairman of the Al-Kautsar 561 Islamic Boarding School Foundation, expressed his gratitude for the activities held. Moreover, ACT enlivened the commemoration of the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad with good actions, ranging from distributing food aid for students, Free Meal Operations to blood donations.

"Hopefully, this activity will bring benefits and inspire students to share with others," hoped Ustaz Rifqi Fauzi.

ACT also brought kindness to Daarul Faizin Islamic Boarding School, Sukatani, Rajeg, Tangerang Regency, to commemorate the Prophet's Birthday and National Santri Day. ACT brought aid in the form of food packages and snacks to entertain the students in Islamic boarding school, which was hit by fire some time ago.

"Hopefully, this action will be able to help and encourage students," said Muhammad Ridwan from ACT Tangerang Regency team.[]