ACT Delivers Winter Clothing to Help 2,000 Gazans Endure Winter

The fruit of generosity in the form of winter clothing was sent to over 2,000 Gazan residents in Al-Mugraqa and Al-Shate’a in North Gaza. With this assistance, it is hoped that they can go through the freezing temperatures.

winter aid
ACT Palestine takes the beneficiaries to shop for winter clothing. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – The fruit of generosity of the people of Indonesia helps warm the people of Gaza as they go through winter. In early December, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) provide winter clothing for 2,000 Palestinian residents in Al Mugraqa and Al Shate'a, North Gaza. Said Mukaffy from ACT's Global Humanity Response said ACT Palestine invited the beneficiaries to directly shop for winter clothing.

“We brought the beneficiaries directly to shop for winter clothing that fits them. The children were very happy because it was the first time for them to directly shop for winter clothing,” added Said, Tuesday (12/15/2021).

In addition, ACT also provided blankets that were delivered directly to the beneficiaries’ houses in Gaza.

Winterclothing for the people of Gaza. (ACTNews)

The winter clothing and blankets are expected to warm the people of Gaza amid freezing winter temperatures that can drop to 0 Celsius.

The ongoing blockade makes winter more severe for the people of Gaza. Their need for adequate shelter, clothing, and food supplies become increasingly more urgent. Hence, Said appealed to the community for aid for the people of Gaza during winter that is expected to last until March 2022. []