ACT Deploys Humanitarian Fleet to Assist Jakarta Metropolitan Area Flood Victims

In an effort to help the flood victims during the emergency phase, ACT deploys 10 humanitarian vehicles for the Jakarta Flood Victims.

ACT and East Jakarta Mayor launched the 10 humanitarian vehicles deployed to assist the flood victims. (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA - Most of the Greater Jakarta area was flooded following intermittent rains that had fallen since Tuesday (12/31/2019) night. In some locations, the height of the flood reached 1 to 2.5 meters. Around 31,000 people were displaced, and dozens of casualties occurred.

In an effort to assist the flood victims during the emergency response phase, ACT dispatched 10 aid vehicles for the victims of the flood in Jakarta Metropolitan Area. The launching of the humanitarian fleet was held on Saturday (1/4) in the Permata Intan Child Friendly Integrated Open Spance (RPTRA), Bidara Cina Village, East Jakarta.

The aid consisted of 35 tons of rice, 1,500 boxes of Waqf Drinking Water, and 1,000 food packages. Some of ACT’s humanitarian vehicles such as the Humanity Rice Trucks, Humanity Water Trucks, and Humanity Food Trucks were on standby to improve the post-disaster maximize the post-disaster aid after the flood in Jakarta Metropolitan Area.

ACT Program Director Wahyu Novyan stated that the assistance for the flood victims in Jabodetabek will continue to be distributed by ACT in the future. "Currently, we have 56 disaster posts in various locations, with rescue teams that consist of more than 100 people. Of course, with these conditions, this is still lacking, and we are inviting more people to join to help one another. We also have Pre-Hospital Ambulances to provide free health services, Humanity Food Trucks that provide free meals, and a Humanity Rice Truck to distribute free rice," Wahyu explained.

In the opening speech, N. Imam Akbari as the member of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Board of Trustees cheered up the flood affected residents, volunteers, and various elements of the community. "With the existing circumstances, we must not forget to continue to give thanks to Allah even though the situation is not good. This is a moment given by Allah to show his affection for all of us to stay together. Indonesia is known for its generosity, so we have a campaign that is called Indonesia Dermawan (Generous Indonesia) as a form of our pride for the generosity of our country. Many are moved to work together to cope with the existing disaster. As a humanitarian agency, we always strive to be present because we are like one body. If one part of it hurts, then all will feel the pain. Humanitarianism is universal. This is one of the moments of unity and sharing love," he said.

In line with ACT's statement, East Jakarta Mayor M. Anwar expressed his appreciation to the volunteers and elements of the community who have been involved to this day in handling the flooding in Jakarta Metropolitan Area. "There are 63 affected urban villages in East Jakarta. The collaborative event of the launching of the relief fleet was done here because East Jakarta was one of the areas that are severely affected by the flood. With 10 casualties and 2,190 evacuees, we do not expect this to happen again. For that, hopefully we are all protected by Allah,” said Anwar.

According to Anwar, the government has made efforts to help the flood victims, for example by evacuating residents and working together with Aksi Cepat Tanggap and other NGOs to deal with existing disasters. He hopes the collaboration will benefit many affected residents.

East Jakarta Mayor M. Anwar handing over the rice aid from Indonesian benefactors to the flood-affected residents in Bidara Cina, East Jakarta. (ACTNews / Reza Mardhani)

"We really appreciated all ACT volunteers, and other volunteers involved today. We hope that their presence will motivate volunteers from several institutions and other elements of the community to take part in the recovery process in all aspects after the flood. For ACT, may this institution be more blessed, more prosperous, not only in Indonesia, but also overseas, "Anwar hoped.

To date, ACT has distributed more than 6,000 food packages and thousands of other basic needs in 56 humanitarian posts. Through the #BersamaAtasiBencana campaign, ACT continues to invite benefactors to help the Greater Jakarta flood survivors.

"Alhamdulillah, the Generous Indonesia Movement aims to invite more and more communities to support collaborative programs such as the ongoing programs. We all have only small hands. We still need the help of other hands so that more problems can be overcome, and more of our brothers and sisters can be helped. We will continue to work on these existing humanitarian vehicles, so we also need support from all elements of the community to continue our collaboration, a humanitarian collaboration, a pearl of local wisdom that must be maintained. Together, we can certainly do this, "concluded N. Imam Akbari. []