ACT Deploys Rescue Team as Flood Hits Jakarta Metropolitan Area on New Year's Day

Torrential rain that poured on Jakarta Metropolitan Area since Tuesday (12/31/2019) afternoon has resulted in flood that hits several neighborhoods. Aksi Cepat Tanggap's Emergency Response team has sent their team to help the victims on Wednesday (1/1) morning.

Local residents crossing through a bridge across Katulampa Dam in Bogor, Wednesday (1/1) morning. At the moment, the Katulampa Dam is already on Standby 2 Alert Level. (ACTNews/Yudha Hadisana)

ACTNews, JAKARTA - Torrential rains that had been falling on Jakarta and its surrounding areas since Tuesday (1/31/2019) afternoon to Wednesday (1/1/2020) morning resulted in floods that hit several areas. Disaster Emergency Response (DER) Team - Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has dispatched its teams to a number of flood-hit locations on Wednesday (1/1/2020) morning.

Commander of DER - ACT Dwiko Hari Dastriadi explained, the teams had been dispatched to areas affected the floods, namely East Jakarta, Tangerang, Central Jakarta and West Jakarta. "The teams are on the move. Volunteers at several flood locations are on standby. The teams from our central headquarter are on their way to send inflatable rescue boats to these locations," Dwiko said. One DER team consists of 4-5 personnel equipped with inflatable boats and other rescue equipment.

"We also immediately activated the aid post in Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi)," Dwiko added.

DER-ACT team member Lukman Salehuddin was helping the flood victims South Tangerang reported that, currently, his team is evacuating residents in the Paku Jaya region, North Serpong, South Tangerang.

"We have evacuated dozens of people from their houses," explained Lukman.

Meanwhile, a number of residents in Jati Padang Urban Vilalge, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, evacuated to Al-Ridwan Mosque. Iwan Hari, a member of the mosque board, said that the unrelenting rain made the number of evacuees increased. "The flood in densely-populated neighborhoods of Jati Padang reached half a meter, especially RT 03, RT 11 in RW 06, Jati Padang Urban Village. Last night, ACT also distributed 50 boxes of Waqf Drinking Water, which was very helpful," Hari explained.

Interviewed directly ACTNews Wednesday (1/1/2020), Coordinator of Ciliwung Katulampa Service Sub Unit Andi Sudirman said, Katulampa Dam was still on Standby 4 alert level on Tuesday (12/31/2019) night with the water level of 50-60 centimeters. On Wednesday (1 / 1/2020), at 07:30 a.m., the the Katulampa Dam was already on Standby 2 Alert Level. "At present, the water discharge reaches 340 cubic meters per second," said Katulampa flood gate guard who monitors the Ciliwung River.

ACT team has been receiving latest information both from the social media and from the direct observation of ACT teams in the field. Based on the observation of Eka Saputra, a member of ACT team, the water discharge in Katulampa Dam has reached 340 cubic meters per second, and the dam is currently on Standby 2 Alert Level. "The residents in Jakarta, Depok, and Bekasi area are advised to be alert. Currently, many areas have been hit by the flood," explained Eka. []