ACT Distributes Healthy Food Produced by Oskri Corporation

ACT Distributes Healthy Food Produced by Oskri Corporation

ACTNews, JAKARTA – There are many ways to bring happiness for others, one of them is by giving aid for the underprivileged people in a number of places in Indonesia. The aid comes not only from people and institutions from Indonesia, but also those from other countries.

One of them is Oskri Corporation, a healthy food producer from the United States that has been an Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)’s donor for humanitarian programs in Indonesia.


Through ACT, Oskri proves its role in global humanitarian programs. The US-based corporation has taken part in various social activities in Indonesia, such as disaster relief programs, with ACT.

“Although the road to the distribution location was broken, and the school condition was poor, the faces of the students showed immense happiness and a strong will to study. Alhamdulillah, the event went smoothly, and everyone was cheerful,” explained Rohaeti, an ACT volunteer during the distribution of Oskri products to 150 students of MI Al-Huda, Parigi Mulya village, Cipunagara sub-district, Subang regency (15/3).


Other than schools, ACT volunteers also visited slum areas, and areas hit by flood and landslides in Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Banten, West Java, and Central Java. The majority of the distribution locations are regions with ACT-supported empowerment programs in the field of education, economy, and environment.

As for the distribution process, Surya, a member of the distribution team in Depok, West Java, explained that the distribution process targets several public and Islamic schools through educational programs for the students.


Ahmad Rifai, ACT’s Relief Management Program manager explained that the partnership with Oskri corporation focuses on the distribution of Oskri products in several Indonesian regions through various methods suitable for each region.

“In the field of disaster relief, we distribute the products through the trauma healing programs for children, as what we have performed after the flood in Brebes, Cirebon, and Bandung. As for other regions, we use other different approaches,” said Rifai.

Through the Humanitarian Aid programs, Oskri Corporation collaborated with ACT for the second time as the official partner for the distribution of its products. On this occasion, as many as 650 boxes of Oskri products have been distributed by ACT to 15.000 families. []



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