ACT Distributes School Kits to Gazan Children to Welcome New Academic Year

Welcoming the new school year in Gaza, ACT Palestine launched the 'Back to School' program through which ACT Palestine distributed school kits to the children in Gaza.

act palestine
Illustration. Welcoming the new school year, the ACT Palestine team provides school supplies for students in Gaza. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Palestinian students in Gaza are preparing to welcome the new school year which will start at the end of August. To support these students amid the ongoing blockade Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) distributed school kits to them through the “Back to School” program.

"We provided school kits for underprivileged students in Gaza to help them amid their difficulties. More than 70 percent of these students cannot afford school supplies such as uniforms, bags, and stationery," said Firdaus Guritno from ACT’s Global Humanity Response Saturday (8/7/2021).

Firdaus added that education in Gaza has suffered the effect of the ongoing blockade and military aggressions. ACT’s Global Humanity Response reports that 46 public schools, 55 kindergartens and 6 private schools were badly damaged in the military aggression last May.

Despite the limitations faced by the education system in Gaza, the Palestinians in the besieged region are highly interested in education.

"Palestinian families pay special attention to all levels of education, and they prefer spending on their children's primary and even high education over their food and drink. The enrollment rate in educational institutions in Palestine is very high, around 97.9 percent. Even the literacy rate in Gaza also reaches 97 percent," explained Firdaus.

Apart from providing school kits, ACT will also launch a school bus for Gaza. This bus will provide a free shuttle service for Gaza students to their schools. About 50 students can ride this bus in one go. []