ACT Emergency Response Team on Standby to Anticipate Flood in Jabodetabek

In the advent of the rainy season, Jakarta Metropolitan Area (Jabodetabek) becomes one of Indonesian Regions that are prone to flooding. ACT’s Disaster Emergency Response team is on standby to help evacuate the residents that are hit by flood.

ACT’s Disaster Emergency Response team at one of the points in Jakarta that was hit by flood. From Sunday (10/4) to Monday (10/5), the team swept through neighborhoods that were flooded after heavy rains that fell on the previous day. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, DEPOK, JAKARTA – As the rainy season comes, Jakarta Metropolitan Area (Jabodetabek becomes prone to flooding. On Sunday (10/4), Depok and Jakarta were hit by a storm that lasted from late afternoon until close to midnight. As a result, several areas have been reportedly flooded. To anticipate disasters caused by the seasonal change, Aksi Cepat Tanggap’s Disaster Emergency Response team has been on standby.

The heavy rain in Depok that lasted for hours had led to the flooding in Kampung Pitara and Kampung Sengon, Pancoranmas. Water as high as an adult’s knee get into the residents’ houses. ACT Depok’s Disaster Emergency Response team was deployed to evacuate the residents to safe places.

Zaid Muzayyan of ACT Depok said, in Pitara Village, there are two Neighborhood Associations (RT) in two Community Association (RWs) that were flooded after the heavy rains. 290 people from 130 families were affected. The flood gradually receded at 1:20 a.m.

"We deployed 3 emergency response volunteers to Pitara Village to evacuate the residents if needed. Luckily, the floods gradually receded by midnight, but the emergency response team will continue to be on standby considering the potential for heavy rains to occur in the Depok area," Zaid explained, Monday (10/5). By Monday morning, the weather in Depok was quite cloudy.

Besides Depok, flood also occurred at several points in Jakarta, including Bidara Cina, Pasar Minggu and Cilandak. The DER-ACT team has been deployed complete with buoys and rubber boats to evacuate residents. The water level also varies, even at some points up to almost as high as an adult's waist.

Kusmayadi, ACT’s Disaster Emergency Response Team coordinator, said that the team has been on standby since Sunday afternoon to anticipate long, heavy rains. “The DER-ACT team is fully equipped with rescue gears so that we can perform evacuation as soon as possible if needed,” explained Kusmayadi.

Flooding is a prevalent problem in Jakarta and its surrounding areas during rainy season. Earlier this year, several points in Jakarta were hit by flood, and many were forced to temporarily evacuate. Besides sending an emergency response team, ACT has also deployed its humanitarian fleet to help the flood victims, from the Humanity Food Truck to the Humanity Water Truck which provided clean water to the affected residents. []